OMG, you’re right!
Amber Lisa

I agree with you that Feminists’ issues are predominantly related to sexual pursuit. Relations between men and women operate entirely on the basis of sex and sexual pursuit. Indeed, if not for sexual reproduction there would be no male and female sexes in the first place. It is likely that sexual pursuit will continue no matter what Feminists do. Men will continue to seek positions of status, power and wealth and will continue to use those positions to gain sexual access to women. Men will continue to do so as long as such behavior achieves desired results, as long as power operates as an aphrodisiac.

Feminists often claim that men seek sexual access to women as a means of gaining power over them. My perspective is that men seek to gain power over women as a means of gaining sexual access.

Feminists seek to regulate male sexual expression, while advocating unrestricted sexual expression for women.

“But…he also didn’t want no disrespect. And…that’s a whole other bunch of drama that you’d have to be hood to understand.”

I have had some contact with hood culture, enough to understand what you are saying.

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