As you should be, but the two issues are not necessarily mutually exclusive.
Amber Lisa

I am no economist.

I was speaking for myself alone. I have three hots and a cot. It is of no consequence to me if someone else has three hots and a yacht. It is very much of consequence to me if someone lacks three hots or a cot, but not if they lack the yacht. I do not conclude that the yacht must necessarily be surrendered by one to provide a cot for another. If someone has cheated others in acquiring the yacht or the cot then, in a perfectly just world that person would be required to return the loot to its rightful owners and serve criminal penalties. It is not a perfectly just world and that often does not happen.

The tone, pace and style of the video clip you provided are consistent with that of a sales pitch. The use of sales tactics reinforces that perception. I did not carefully scan the clip to identify the more subtle sales tactics, but there is one that is impossible to miss. Making the graph’s vertical scale shorter than the tallest bars allows the presenter to shock the audience by demonstrating that the bars are so tall that they are OFF THE SCALE! — the same scale that was intentionally made shorter than the tall bars. That kind of tactic does not inspire trust.

The clip seeks to demonstrate that the rich are getting richer. Maybe they are; maybe they are not. Either way, it is of no consequence to me unless they are cheating people. In that case the issue is cheating rather than wealth itself. The clip presents no evidence of cheating and makes no claim that cheating is occurring.

The clip demonstrates the general principle that people perceive reality differently than objective measurement shows it to be and wish reality to be different than it actually is. That principle is neither new to me nor profoundly revealing. Nothing in that clip inspires wariness of those who have more than I do.

I am speaking for myself alone. If it is your wish to appropriate the wealth of the rich, then that is your prerogative to pursue. The rich are perfectly capable of defending themselves without my assistance. If they are not, and you are successful, then, in the world of ruthless competition for wealth, you will have prevailed.

If you are interested in reading additional thoughts that I have expressed with regard to the subject of wealth they are visible over here — — ->

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