Hi Estwald, thanks for sharing this.
Will Staton

I shall leave prophecy to the prophets.

My intention is to report a historical pattern that was identified by an anthropologist whose theories I am not currently qualified to intelligently critique. You have identified an occurrence of the first part of that pattern whereby women are currently taking over the jobs formerly held by men. As to whether or how the second part of the pattern will manifest, time will tell.

One cannot prepare for that which one cannot predict. I suspect that men are more likely than women to be predisposed to venture into the unknown. In your article, you predicted that men will need to find a new way to be useful. You recommend that men develop new personal characteristics, a modified form of masculinity. Coon’s article suggests that men might discover new occupations for which traditional masculine characteristics might be helpful. It could be the case that traditional masculine characteristics, such as a predisposition to venture into the unknown, are useful for discovering new occupations in the first place. If men are to prepare for the future, then they must do as they have always needed to do; prepare for the unknown.

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