True. All true…but if one race is trying to oppress another, then all the rules, all the rules…
Amber Lisa

If the two of you had been historical figures you might have ended up as the subject of a Shakespeare drama. It occurs to me that Shakespeare dramas might offer some insights into the art of thuggery. Your former companion is not the first Shakespeare quoting thug I have encountered.

A thugocracy operates on the principle that might makes right. A successful thug is one who can gather a surplus of resources that are seen as desirable by the local thug community and protect those surplus resources. When it comes to women, a woman who is one level up from the deep hood is seen as a surplus resource who needs protection. Flaunting surplus resources is a projection of might. Only an Alpha-Thug can safely flaunt surplus resources.

Considering that Feminists advocate law after law to restrict how men may express their sexuality, because many women feel intimidated by unrestricted expressions of male sexuality, it should be obvious that Feminism requires a highly ordered social structure to enforce those restrictions. When order begins to erode, women begin to experience an increase in forms of male behavior that Feminists commonly refer to as “sexist.”

To the extent that racism is a cause of the erosion of order in a community, racism is a secondary contributor to “sexist” behavior — the primary contributor being the disorder itself. A disorderly society does not cause “sexist” behavior, instead it allows men to express their sexuality free of Feminist advocated restrictions. Within a disorderly population, the extensive regulation necessary to induce men’s compliance with Feminists’ expectations cannot be sustained.

“Do animals rape?”

Since humans are members of the animal kingdom the answer is yes.

Non-humans court and mate following unlearned, instinctive behaviors. Humans court and mate following learned protocols prescribed by the culture in which each is a participant. Human courtship and mating practices can vary from population to population. Beavers’ practices remain the same among various populations. Individual humans are able to conceive mating strategies that may produce greater success than those prescribed by their culture. Beavers are not able to devise new strategies. Since their courtship practices are not learned they cannot be relearned. One cannot relearn what was not learned in the first place.

Humans seeking more successful mating strategies are not gaming nature or evolutionary protocols, they are participating in a natural evolutionary process whereby genomes that persist are those with the most successful mating strategies. They are not gaming nature they are instead gaming prescribed practices. Individuals gaming prescribed practices is how cultures emerge in modified form in order to adjust to changing environmental circumstances.

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