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People who think the way I do are boring. To avoid boredom I seek those who think differently. You are one who thinks differently than I.

You speak your mind clearly and without reservation as do I. We have that in common.

As you can see from my original comment, the one under which we are conversing, one of my most serious flaws is that I am unable to resist a clear opportunity for a smart aleck retort, even though I often wind up in trouble as a result. I am a smart alecoholic. There is no twelve step program that will help me.

The consequences of my addiction are partially mitigated by the fact that I can appreciate a good, original, and creative smart aleck remark directed my way.


I am unfamiliar with that term. Does it have something to do with shifting gears? If so, I am shifting into neutral.


Defiant of, or resistant to conforming my conduct to Feminists’ expectations would be a more accurate characterization. I am skeptical towards, and critical of the body of scientific theory that operates as a basis for Feminist ideology. If you wish to apply the term “anti-Feminist” to that perspective I have no objection.

Thank you for providing me with a refreshing break from the usual boredom. I hope I have answered your question satisfactorily.

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