That is absolutely idiotic.
Jeffrey Schein

That is absolutely idiotic.

Really? If you are trying to insult me, then you’re going to have to be more effective. You can’t get by with some old, tired cliche that has been used thousands of times. If your going to insult me I expect the insults to be original and creative.

If equality is to hard for you…

…equality according to whom?

…a human being (or a poor excuse for one.)

Not again! The classic, overused and boring poor excuse for a human being insult. I know you can do better than that — and I expect you to from now on.

…and this one:

…you’re full of shit.

Are you kidding? Do I even have to say it? This is a shitty example of an insult. This one is so tired it’s sleeping. It is the oldest of the old. If you can’t come up with something more original and creative, then I will have to stop accepting your insults and return them to you for a refund.

Riot, looting and arson? Now you’ve told the world what you really think of black lives.

In any world outside of the Bizarro World, the statement, “I disapprove of rioting, looting and arson,” would be a non-controversial statement. The fact that you make some connection between rioting, looting and arson and African Americans seems to tell us what you really think of black lives.

…you are an intolerant loser…

Again? That’s it! I demand a refund!

…who thinks that if other people are treated equally it’s not fair to you.

Thank you. I have been searching far and wide for a prophet who could reveal to me the secret of what I think. You have satisfied my curiousity. Now I know what I think.

What does Black Lives Matter or BHM have to do with it? Everything.

Your answer, “Everything,” says nothing.


There are a few examples that I can think of where elected officials who have declared themselves Feminists have sponsored measures that restrict liberties. Mostly, however, I draw my conclusions from observing Feminists in positions of authority in general. It is reasonable to suppose that if Feminists in positions of authority outside of political office are acting to restrict liberty, they would do so when they are elected to political office.

Since you ask, I will name a few instances where, in my judgment, Feminists have sponsored legislation that restricts liberties or costs others money. These include: The US federal Violence Against Women Act, the New York and California affirmative consent laws, the Affordable Care Act, the “Dear Colleague” letter.( or

On the other hand, my vote is my own, to cast as I choose, using my own best judgment. So, now I will ask you: Please explain to me how, in voting for someone who declares — “I am a Feminist” — I would be acting in my own best interests.

You are offended. ….. Deny it all you want.

Yes, I could deny it if I wanted. 
I could say, “I am not offended.”
And you might reply, “You are so!”
Then I’d assert, “I am…….”

…well, you can see where this is going.

I’ll tell you what, if it will make things easier I’ll just concede the point and you are free to consider me “offended” if it makes you happy to do so.