You clearly have zero understanding of what a feminist is, but you seem a decent guy so let me help…
Sherry Kappel

You clearly have zero understanding of what a feminist is…

…then I should express my gratitude to you for taking the time to chicksplain the concept to me.

Feminism is an ideology that operates as the foundation for a movement whose aim is to advance what its participants consider to be the interests of women. The methodology employed by organized Feminism involves creating a widespread impression that women are being arbitrarily hindered by institutions, half the population, glass ceilings, and even our fathers, sons and mates. Once having been established, that perception operates as a pretext to justify Feminists’ demands that the aforementioned entities conform their conduct to Feminists’ expectations. In practice, Feminists apply righteously connotated terms like “equality” and “fairness” to the act of benefitting themselves at others’ expense.

…we want a fair chance…

…fair according to whom?

…CEO, president, secretary or house wife…

House wife sounds nice; where do I sign up?

It’s about the equal opportunity our country promises us…

…equal according to whom?

…similarly smart and hard-working.

In my experience, most people are neither as smart nor as hard working as they think they are, and therefore tend to believe that they are being treated unfairly when they are not.

…do you want to “win” in life by mere dint of having a penis…

I have already won in life, in that I am perfectly satisfied with the circumstances of my life. Whether or not you would describe the means by which I arrived in this position as “by dint of having a penis” (whatever that means) is irrelevent to me. I am satisfied with my circumstances and I am satisfied with the means by which I arrived at this position. I am not seeking your approval or the approval of Feminists in general.

…only if we’re the better choice.

…better in whose judgment?

In your description of Feminism, you failed to include certain concepts inherent to the ideology. Some of the concepts missing from your description include: toxic masculinity; patriarchy; male privilege; mansplaining; California and New York affirmative consent laws; mandatory arrest and primary aggressor laws.

Your placid description of Feminism contrasts sharply with Feminism as practiced.

This is what Feminism looks like:

Sometimes it looks like this: Milo

There are times when it looks like this:

…that, to me, is manning up. …. Are you game?

I am not interested in conforming to your expectations, or those of Feminists in general.

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