He was only taken down after people found something about him that not even his supporters could…
Silvia Carrus

“…he had got a book deal and was invited to speak at various campuses and events…”

Yiannopoulos’s opportunity to do those things was created by the popularity he gained as a result of protesters trying to obstruct people from attending his events.

“He was only taken down after people found something about him that not even his supporters could get behind.”

Exactly. The obstructive opposition did nothing but promote his popularity. He was toppled because his followers, not his opposition, objected to something he said. His ex-supporters were able to be aware of his objectionable remarks because he was not prevented from publishing them.

When words he published were amplified his former followers made their own choice.

“…made tons of people feel uncomfortable and attacked.”

He also made tons of people feel entertained and enlightened.

He probably made tons of ideologues feel fearful that their flawed ideology would be exposed.

Feeling attacked is not the same as being attacked. Presenting a message with which you disagree is not an attack, no matter how you feel about it. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, then buy a Lazy-boy recliner and have a shot of whiskey; you’ll feel more comfortable.

If you are concerned about being attacked I have some advice for you. When masses of people arrive to attend an event the probability of your being attacked drastically increases if you attempt to obstruct their entrance to the facility. Your chances are drastically decreased if you are not at the event.

Your cartoon makes me feel uncomfortable and attacked. I expect that you will now provide me with access to your Medium account so that I can censor the dialogue and remove the offending portions. Further, I intend to position myself between you and your computer to obstruct your access to it and prevent you from disseminating your hate speech.

You cannot suppress a message through censorship. It works like a gopher whack. Before you have even finished suppressing it in one spot it is already popping up in another. It is especially difficult when the efforts to suppress are public and violent. Masses of people will learn that there is a message that someone wants to prevent them from hearing and they will seek out that message.

Many years ago the Catholic Church regularly issued a list of banned books. They discontinued the practice because it was not successful. Their first clue might have been when some publishers began using “Banned by the Catholic Church!” as an advertising slogan.