Story1 — Thoughts on Medium

Every day I wake up and think to myself, what can I put forth my best talents towards learning, building projects, and networking. I don’t work, I am trying to scheme to the dream.

As I’m sure many of you do, seldomly, I scroll through Reddits “rising” and “controversial” sections, but I ended up here after searching “Coding”. I came across this site from a random post about how to resize images with web code within the text of your email. It got me thinking about the roots of the web — a link of the original post led me directly to the story on Medium, and the author was dropping CSS knowledge.

So now I’m here, looking to learn everything that I can, about our technologies, the roots of their operations, and how to write certain languages.

I’m not sure how to communicate with others that I Follow in Medium yet. But I assume that it’s communicative within itself. Any advice, pointers, or stories that anyone has, web-building related, I hope to hear from you.