When it was time to say Goodbye!

Where’re my teeth ? asks Alicia to George as they wake up this morning which is yet another milestone for them in the walk of life. They’ve been together ever since Alicia had her natural teeth. I’ve wasted 50 years of my life trying to tell you the value of time oh old man but you’re the same shameless guy Alicia yells at George. Oh and you’ve also not changed replies George with his eyes half open, you’re still that young beautiful lady I’ve known for years, now please put on your teeth before these chirping birds fly away with your teeth. And in no time there’s a knock on the door and Alice walks with the help of her stick to the door and by this time George is up as well searching for his spectacles.

It’s Abhanna their grand daughter with a gift in her hand and while Alicia is still settling her teeth , Abhanna walks to her grand pa and hands over this beautifully wrapped gift to him with a huge smile on her face expressing the love she feels for her grand parents. George and Alicia both smile with her too and say words of blessing for her. And with a spark in their eye, they unwrap the gift to find that it is one of their old dairies which Abhanna somehow got while searching something in the store room few days back.

The dairy is entitled “me and he” and is written by Alicia. It’s from the times when they were still young and uncertain about their future. Abhanna requests George to read it for both the special ladies he was with. George opens the dairy to see contents and this phrase “when it was time to say goodbye!” captures his attention. He turns to the page and start reading the dairy entry.

I’ve been with George for 2 years , It’s been a wonderful time and he treats me like a queen but I get frustrated when George doesn’t spend time with me. He behaves as if he’s saving the world while all he’s doing is writing a few lines of code on the black screen of his laptop. I’ll never let my children or even grand children to be computer programmers as programmers have no time for their loved ones. I’m really fed up with this now. May be I should say good bye to George forever but then he’ll again cry like kids , oh I’m so tired of all this, huh.

Abhanna gets curious on this and couldn’t stop herself from asking her granny why she didn’t say Goodbye to George and how they’ve been together for years now. Alicia understands that her grand daughter has to walk through the same phase in her life and so she plans to tell her what stopped her when it was almost the time to say goodbye to George.

George would never let me go, it’s as simple as that he would cry and count all the stupid reasons that came to his mind just to tell me that how we were meant to be together. And over the years I’ve only come to realise how true and honest he’s ever been in love with me. You know someone loves you deeply when they’re not afraid to show their vulnerable side to you. You may get frustrated with them for a moment but you know you can trust them with your heart.

But you mentioned he used to give you very less time asks Abhanna

Yes , that’s true replies Alicia. He was a busy professional and still is to be honest. But I remember how he would call me everyday sometimes only to be a sink to my anger and sometimes we would get into fights also but we both knew that our relation was bigger than our fights. At any point in our life , we should know that the bonding we share with our partner is bigger than any fight or conflict.

But granny, you could have found someone better.

Alicia smiles and in a sarcastic tone says “I can still find someone better” but then her voice deepens as she starts elaborating to Abhanna. Alicia says , Oh dear Abhanna! we live in a world of unique people. No one is better than anybody else but every one is on their own journey. So drop the idea of finding someone better and instead start finding yourself , you don’t need anyone better than self. And when you start finding your better self instead of finding someone better your life changes. You start seeing your partner as a unique being and you start appreciating him for who he is and remember that this only deepens the roots of your relation. I remember how George would always encourage me and listen to all the ideas which came to my mind. He would guide me at times and at other times he would just let me take my own decisions.

Oh Alicia granny you’ve told me such sweet things I’ve never come across before. I want to know more about you and George grand pa.

On this Alicia smiles and says , yeah I can see you’re keen on listening to my story but see the time, it’s time for your Augmented Reality Coding class. Get ready for that and see your George pa is again snoring. I need to wake this man up using old ways.

Abhanna smiles and leaves the room saying “Carry on lovers”. I’ll get back soon to hear more.

photo credits :: Photo by Andrew Avdeev on Unsplash