No longer had I needed to become a slave to money, nor a slave to her.
My Experience in Being in Love with a Gold Digger
Leonard Kim

You’re really reaching here.

You don’t really read like the victim at all in this story. This woman was very honest about what she wanted out of life and shared that with you, her friend at the time, when you didn’t have much. You yourself said she pushed you to stop being lazy and become ambitious and land a very nice job by the sound of it. Sounds like she helped you jump start your life that you didn’t sound too happy with yourself.

Then once you landed that high paying job you started enjoying your new wealth and that wasn’t her fault. You managed your money and you decided how much of you it changed. You’re blaming her for helping you eliminate your money worries — you’re the one who got caught up.

You were also in love with her which you can’t blame her for either. You knew well what she was about and yet somehow it’s her fault you fell for her? The wallet incident was not redeemable but it does not make her a gold digger.

You give zero consideration to her feelings for you even though she clearly loved you too she kept engaging you after repeated attempts to push her away. Even after all those fights you had you continued to be ridiculously in love with her. You.

You are the one who decided you needed to get richer and richer to win her over. She (from the very little insight given about her) seemed fine with the job and money you had. You are the one who idolized her for so long even though your relationship was clearly filled with your insecurities and her very honest expectations.

You don’t blame someone else for the fact you fell in love so hopelessly you decided to ignore all the signs of a bad relationship.

Blame your own sexual drive to be with her, blame the primitive hunter drive you developed to prove your worth even though it was all in your head. Blame all your unfounded insecurities.

Don’t blame her.

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