Why do people always forget

Well, that’s not an obvious and unclear name of the story I’m writing, but yes — why the hell people always forget about what they really want?

Why do they get distracted so easily?
Why do they spend loads of time on something completely unrelated to what they really want to be doing?
Why do they ignore it?
Why do they want to keep forgetting?

I do it too, sometimes, and I hate myself for it. I know what I want to do, and I know how to do it. Sometimes I get stuck, because there are many small things to choose from what to do next, and it’s hard to immediately tell which one is a right thing to do. Well, I am not really stuck stuck, I am just temporarily confused about the immediate plan for the next small step, which makes me stop for a second and think. And this is what I should really be doing. Then I start to look at Twitter, Facebook, emails, meetups, conversations, I even start ordering things on Amazon, planning trips to the swimming holes and many other things I shouldn’t be doing. Then I look at the clock and it’s already noon and feels like I’ve wasted 3 hours of my time. Then I have to redo my plan and either cut off some items or prolong it. This is also the reason why estimates don’t always work.

I, however, am becoming much better at self control and self discipline.

Things that help me…

… thinking about what is happening inside me. Figuring out what I really want. Why I want it. Why I want it and not something else.

… dreaming. Imagining various interpretations of my desires and wishes coming true. Feeling it all like it’s happening for real. Only then I can feel what I really want.

… affection. It helps a lot. When I have people I love near me, it helps me to release my tension from all the work I’ve done and melt in their love and my happiness for a moment, forgetting about everything else. This kind of forgetting is acceptable.

Focus is a hard thing to keep. Focus is an easy thing to forget.

Like going to a gym to build up your own body to be stronger, it takes time, will and effort to build up your own focus and keep it longer.

Like the satisfaction you get when you see your muscles becoming stronger, it is as enjoyable to be able to keep your focus on the thing you really want to be doing and thereby achieving greatest things you can’t even imagine.