Dear community of Eternal Trusts

Our presale has been successfully completed! During that time, we managed to collect a million dollars worth of tokens. We visited Puerto Rico, Monte Carlo, Paris, Berlin, and 4 cities in China to participate in major blockchain events, where our project was met with amazement, shock, wonder, but never with indifference. Thanks to everyone who became a token holder, shared information about us, and provided feedback on how we can improve.

We can only bring Eternal Trusts to fruition and raise the value of the whole tokenomics if we communicate with each other and collaborate as a united community.The amount of valuable feedback that we received talking to potential partners and customers was astonishing, and we keep aggregating and analyzing it to make further strategic decisions. It allowed us to better formulate our market potential and revealed the components of Eternal Trusts that can be useful to our clients now, such as the combination of our trust agreement and asset management services.

We want to make sure that those parts, combined with our innovative technological solution, form a robust system capable of providing value from the get-go.

There are many exciting things coming up. During the token sale, there will be a major overhaul of our marketing strategy, with a strong focus on building and promoting a product that can be useful at this instant. I think we succeeded in getting everyone enthusiastic about the wide range of possible applications of Eternal Trusts. Now it is time for us to focus on bringing real value to the token holders and the customers and to prove we can make Eternal Trusts a reality. In the coming days, we are going to initiate a global blockchain hackathon with many captivating development challenges based on Hyperledger, NEO, and Ethereum. Stay tuned for many more partners and advisors, and most importantly, for the initiation of the first “purpose execution flow” on the platform.

And finally, in order to raise the engagement of our contributors, we have decided to implement whitelisting until the end of our Token Sale. For those who joined our presale white list, please keep an eye on your email inbox — we will contact you soon to arrange your contribution.

Thank you,

Kirill Silvestrov,

CEO of Eternal Trusts