To sum it up in a few words….I had a great year.

My friendships grew after being outsiders.

We got to be #RichKids for one more weekend.

I continued to grow by expanding my knowledge in multimedia journalism and delved further in the field of radio and podcasting.

I finished my time in community college…but not without having lunches with my favorite people.

I had some amazing trips with family and friends.

From Sacramento to going to Las Vegas for the first time.

DisneyWorld was an experience unlike any other and I was very fortunate to share it with great people.

I got an annual pass for the Disneyland Resort after 9 years.

I got to see one of my favorite bands for the first time and see my favorite band for the fifth.

There was plenty of good music this year, and plenty not so good….as you were.

I attended wrestling events, a music festival, a fair, and plenty of other gigs that rocked.

Several shows and movies that were awesome, some stranger than others.

The adventures with family and just the lazy days were some of the best.

Oh yeah, I gained some family as well, which is pretty cool.

I’m grateful for everyone who made my 2017 an incredible year.

However, 2017 was just the rough draft.

The story begins 2018.

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