Child Development Center educates children and aspiring teachers

Cerritos College has built quite a few programs in its 60 year history, including one to help educate future educators.

The Child Development Center was established in 1973 and since then, it has become the place to help aspiring teachers learn their craft and give the highest education quality to young children from the ages of two to five years old.

The Child Development Center was established in 1973. The center provides a learning facility for future teachers, as well as children from the ages 2–5.

The center is funded by the State Department of Education, California State Preschool, General Child Care program and Parent Fees.

Program Specialist Daniela Arbizzi has been working since the fall of 2016 and is responsible for implementing quality educational styles and making sure the program provides what the students need.

“It’s been good, the children are lovely to work with, they’re eager to learn and the parents are nice,” she said.

The center provides jobs for a number of teachers, with five different programs, including an outdoor program that teaches the children about nature and the importance of all living things.

In addition to the outdoor facility, there is an art studio in which the children can participate in projects through the use of different languages and kitchen for a food program, that the center implements.

The one year long program is currently home to about 96 children and there are a number of different schedules that they can be enrolled in, both part-time and full-time.

Parent involvement is also something that is an element for the program.

Child Development hosts a number of festivals and celebrations that parents can participate in, like Snowy Day and the Harvest Family Celebration.

The Child Development Center offers parent/child gathers for family interactions. Events like the Harvest Family Celebration and Snowy Day happen seasonally.
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