Dreamcar’s Kill for Candy video, a fun-filled treat

Music is an art in which sound tells a story, while video gives a visual to that.

Music videos create something more for fans to enjoy and when done it makes fans appreciate the story aspect even more, and that’s exactly what the super group Dreamcar did.

Dreamcar is a band consisting of members of the band No Doubt, Tom Dumont, Tony Canal, and Adrian Young, and AFI lead singer Davey Havoc, and they recently released the music video for their first single Kill for Candy of their debut self-titled album.

The video follows the band around the day as they go into a staged rehearsal, during the stage rehearsals and after.

The overall presentation is unique as the camera is set up like a GoPro, so it looks like the band members are the ones shooting the video themselves.

The Dreamcar aesthetic is one of a kind that separates the band from their other works, which is a breath of fresh air.

Their attires exemplify the song Kill for Candy as Havok wears a colorful suit and sports a thin mustache while doing so.

While the band continues a similar trend, rocking the new wave, modern look, with nice dress shirts and well-groomed hair.

The LED lights in the background of their “rehearsal” performance is simple, yet defines the overall video and encapsulates what the band is, a modern take on bands like Depeche Mode and other 1980s band.

In addition to the visuals, the interaction the group has with the camera is great as it makes the audience feel like they are there in person.

Each member stares right into the camera while performing and adds an intimate for people watching.

There is also some intensity shown while playing, so not only is there an intimate feel, but there is a concert type show entering people’s living rooms.

From the facial expressions, to the movement, it is a fun thrill-ride from beginning to end.

The end of the video leaves some questions as Havok leaves with an unidentified woman, but most videos like to leave viewers guessing, which makes it work.

It is an overall fun video, without it being over the top.

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