Day132 — Searching New Support Systems

Fellows & fellowship

December 14th, 2016

Woke up. Gym. Shower. Class. Started the day with a really fascinating activity called Behind Closed Doors. Because the title is called “Behind Closed Doors,” you can imagine that this event has some level of secrecy, some level of confidentiality. So, I’ll just keep it at that. I would like to write and reflect about the experiment, since it was fascinating and I learned a lot from it, but it’s OK. I don’t need to document everything ; )

In the afternoon, I spoke with the Director of the Dalai Lama Fellowship to learn if my project aligned with their values & criteria. I learned that my project is aligned. Cool, so I’ll continue working on that. As a reminder, here’s the fellowship.

Walked from the park down to the ImpactHub, where I met with Annika, who is Director of Search of the StartingBloc fellowship. Below you can learn more about StartingBloc.

I have heard a lot of incredible things about this fellowship. Their network consists of 3,000 or so amazing individuals from all sectors, locations, and walks of life.

Annika attended the Watson Summit and really identified with my presentation. She thought I would be a perfect candidate for their fellowship program. So today we talked about ways we could work together and be supportive moving forward. Seems like I’ll have opportunity to attend the institute experience in New Orleans! This will be on May 18th — May 22nd. Great conversation, great energy. I just need to send in my application and that should move things forward.

Next I spoke with a new mentor, named Phil Carter, who I matched with through the New Venture Challenge at CU-Boulder (remember when I pitched at that event a month or so ago?). After speaking with him via the phone, he informed me that my work appeared very similar to the work of a local company, called Reboot.

So Reboot is local. Right here in Boulder. They already have a lot of funding. They already have an incredible team. So the questions followed: how important is it to you that you develop your own company? Are you driven to become an entrepreneur or are you driven to solve a problem and share a message?

If you gravitate toward the latter, then you ought to consider working for a company like Reboot. You could learn a lot, surround yourself with people like you with similar passions, and make money. It could be the perfect environment.

He explained the high value of getting a job and working for a company after graduating. So many young folks graduate then jump right into starting a company (since they’re free of responsibility) where there may be some danger in this. His points were valid. His questions, sharp. Yes, I’m open to this idea, but I really want to do my own thing and create my own company, I really do. But I’m not against the idea. It just depends. So long as I’m learning and excited for life.

After these calls & meetings, I attended another “episode” of Courage Club, a workshop led by my friend Galen. As a reminder, Galen runs these workshops to help people face their fears and take action. And he has presented at Watson a few times. His session was fun. 7 people attended. All of them women, mostly older. It was such a fun group. Lots of great connection, lots of great laughter.

Something that I discussed during this session: romantic relationships. Yes, that is something I have intentionally ignored, intentionally neglected, intentionally not taken action. But why? This is something I need to figure out for myself. There must be something about my perception of relationships that are unappealing.

I want independence. I want control. I want to invest in myself. I like being selfish with my time. Is it that simple? Is it a clear trade-off? Or is there something that I’m missing, like growth? Does my understanding of and relationship to time change when elements of love are involved? Is the problem my selfishness and narrow-mindedness? What would I want a relationship for? To supplement love that I cannot provide for myself? Or, is it not necessarily such a philosophical topic? Should I simply embrace being a young male, with hormones? In previous posts I have mentioned this idea of relationships. I continue to write about it, and continue to ignore it. Not take action. And its likely I’ll continue this pattern.

At the very least, someone in my group offered to introduce me to her single lady friends. Maybe when I return to Boulder, she can introduce me to them. She asked me, what am I looking for? What’s my type? Good question! I have little idea, since I have so little experience. Someone who is active, independent, curious, energetic, adventurous. Someone like that. It was my best attempt at describing someone who may be compatible. Who knows?!

After the workshop, Galen and I grabbed a bite to eat. We spoke about Boulder, life in the city as a young adult, and our near futures. We shared ideas and energy about testing ideas together related to fear. From COURAGE guy to FAILURE guy. We had lots of ideas of how we could be supportive and helpful.

Today was a good day. Long. Cold. But good. It’s a bit late, and I’ll be waking up early to play some basketball! If sleep is insufficient, I shall take a nap. Problem-solving at its best. Night.

3 Things I’m Grateful for

  • Galen + Courage Club, you’re an awesome guy, very genuine, and I love what you’re doing. I have a feeling that we’ll grow a lot together in 2017.
  • Annika + StartingBloc, super excited to engage with this organization! Incredible work, incredible people. Thank you for doing what you do.
  • Bela + Dalai Lama Fellowship, your program really seems like something special. Doing important work, supporting important people. Programs like this keep people with great ideas & energy going.

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