Day157 — Life On a Beach

I do like this lifestyle, time to leave!

January 9th, 2016

No need to wake up early today. 8.5 hours of sleep. I felt a little low-energy. One beer at night can make a noticeable difference to my energy in the morning, even though I’m 22 and in relatively good shape.

Gathered my dirty clothes, left the hostel, and dropped them off for cleaning. I enjoyed a nice, relaxing mindful breakfast. Blueberry-Kiwi smoothie. Crepe with egg and ham. Yea, this was delicious. Returned to the hostel, packed my two bags and checked out. Living at this hostel was great. Super friendly staff, super great setup, super nice accommodation at super good price. Very happy to have stayed here for about a week!

With my two small bags over my shoulder, I translate into a nomad. Walked to the dive shop to share the rest of my morning with Matt & Phiona. Played cards, ordered food, and reviewed our experiences on Koh Tao in the rain. Today was different though: sunny. Wow, this feels different. Ha, it’s a different atmosphere entirely.

In classic self-help fashion, we communicated to one another all of the amazing benefits of the rain. More than anything, we had great experiences and were proud of our shared accomplishments. The storms, that was icing on the cake. At 1:30, they left for the ferry. And just like that, no more Matt & Phiona. Maybe one day we will reunite for some more dives.

Per usual, directly after saying goodbye to the couple I met with Anton. We had Japanese and ate outside. Man, the sun, it is hot. I was sweaty for the first time in a week. Walked back to Big Bubble and settled down at a table to chillax.

I did a little journaling, a little emailing, and a little beach walking. The water was lower. More beach to walk on. The is beautiful; really good beach to simply relax. Today was my first day that I could dedicate almost completely to relaxing without an agenda, and it felt great.

Anton and I walked to order some pancakes from the pancake guy on the street. These pancakes are incredibly delicious. Only 60 baht (about $2) for heavenly sweet. Ordered Banana and Nutella. Next on the list of things to do: a massage.

Yes, a massage. Massages are offered everywhere here. Now would be the perfect time to get one. We went to a location that was on the beach. I ordered a one hour massage for my back, neck, and head. Total cost $9.

Phew. The masseuse was great. Maybe the massage was divided into three. 20 minutes back, 20 minutes neck, 20 minutes head? Who knows. My sense of time completely disappeared. A lot of pressure, relieved. Radio music in the background with the sounds of crashing waves. A change of lighting as the sun set. Presence. In this setting, presence was really easy. Some of the best money I’ve spent. This was good. I could so get used to this.

Anton, he agreed. We were both extremely relaxed after the massage. What now? Logical: food. I’m afraid that I’m gaining a good amount of weight on this trip. I have not measured myself, but I feel it. I’ve been eating much more and exercising much less. Back home I jogged each morning. Here, I’m not really doing anything, the occasional dive, the occasional walk.

I ordered a mixed smoothie and fried squid with rice. I was stuffed. Said my goodbyes to Anton. “It’s been real.” As mentioned earlier, I really enjoyed hanging out with him. Funny dude, high spirits, good energy.

Got my cleaned clothes and returned to Big Bubble, where I made reservations to take an overnight ferry. Waited for 20 mindful minutes (opportunity to be mindful is really everywhere!) and got into the taxi which then dropped me off at the pier.

8:30PM, thirty minutes before the ferry leaves for Surat Thani. The boat, it was pretty huge. Showed a man my ticket and was allowed onboard. Climbed up a ladder, took off my shoes, no opened the door.

Inside, thin beds everywhere. Like bunk beds, but connected, and smaller. The air was a bit different. A little stuffy. A little off, but I quickly got used to it. My bed A1, one of the closest beds to the door. A location with nearby foot traffic. Alright, well this is where I’ll be spending the next 8 hours. We will see how this goes, should be a good experience if nothing else.

I laid down and the lady next to me, Sam, quickly introduced herself. She had spent the past days on Koh Tao and traveling some of Thailand’s other islands as well. She’s from England. I asked a handful of questions about her life and she was eager to go into great detail.

She had recently been traveling for 2 years, taking on miscellaneous jobs in the countries that she was visiting. Nannying, bar tender, farming, working at local schools. Many jobs in many places, allowing her to experience many different things. She’s been leading a really interesting life.

The boat started. It was much rockier than expected. I had to lay down. My system somewhat shut off. I didn’t have the energy to actively listen, sustain a conversation, and ride on this boat. One thing at a time. I somehow communicated this non-verbally, good.

Let me concentrate. Relax. Head down. Ride the waves. The boat rocked away and I fell asleep.

Greatful Life

  • I am grateful for Big Bubble Restaurant because I spent a lot of time there and they always welcomed me without placing pressure to buy things, although of course I couldn’t resit their smoothies!
  • I am grateful for this boat because it is proving to be an adventure!
  • I am grateful for the beach here because it is beautiful. Not much else needs to be said for this one.
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