Day46- 1st FailUpWatson Meeting

The Need for Accountability is Real

Sept. 19th, 2016

This morning started with a jog, along with a new audiobook! For the next couple of weeks I will be listening to “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell. I look forward to sharing insights and stories from the book as I read it.

After my morning routine, I prepared for the first FailUpWatson Weekly Check-in meeting. I invited the Watson scholars whom I had interviewed to attend. At the meeting, students would share their weekly goals, challenges, struggles, questions, highlights, etc. A little nervous for the event, since it was the first one and didn’t know what to expect, but trust had been built between me and the scholars I was working with. I had really great conversations and interviews with all of them.

Everyone was paired with an accountability/goal buddy. Most of the one hour meeting was dedicated to the 1-on-1 conversations, so that took pressure off me. The meeting wasn’t about me, it wasn’t about FailUp. It was about the students who were attending and helping them with their entrepreneurial journey. Thus far, I have interviewed 12 people. 10 are online users. And 8 showed up to the meeting. I am pretty content with those numbers and that level of engagement thus far.

Overall, I think the meeting went well. People seemed to enjoy creating and sharing their goals, and getting feedback on them. Got some feedback on small changes to make so that the meeting can improve next week. Only time will tell if the students actually got value from the meeting. If attendance stays stagnant or drops, then I will consider this experiment a failure. If retention is good and growth of students continues, then at least this is headed in the right direction.

In the afternoon, I had Ideation, where we discussed stakeholder mapping and customer interviews. We talked about the importance of understanding the market and other organizations that work in the same industry. We need to become experts and we need to find our sweet spot so that we know the solution we are developing is solving a real problem in a truly unique way. This is key.