Day47- Mentor Meetings

Virtual Reality Rocked My World

Sept. 20th, 2016

Started the day with the Leap of Faith class. Today’s topic: obstacles to transformation. We had a pretty interesting exercise called “Tea with My Demons.” The exercise was about recognizing, acknowledging, and even inviting discussion with your “demons.” Lots of interesting insights from the class discussion, but won’t dive too deep into it in this post because I’ll reflect more on it on a later date.

In the afternoon I had meetings with my two mentors who I was paired with via Watson’s Mentor network. The first meeting was with Jose Vieitez from Boomtown, which is a prominent accelerator in Boulder. I jogged downtown to arrive to the meeting in time. Really neat to visit Boomtown’s office space, and then spend 30 minutes to get to know the guy who started it! Our meeting was about introducing ourselves, who we were, what we worked on, and why. He’s super busy, so really fortunate to have 1-on-1 time with him this semester.

After this, met with Lorne Nobel from Simple Startup. As mentioned in a previous post, he works directly with startups and helps them with financials, business modeling, accounting, etc. So he’s going to be great to work with since I struggle so much with the business side of things.

We had a solid 1 hour meeting where I explained more about my past work regarding FailUp and some of the struggles I am currently facing. Lorne saw a clear monetization strategy and business model for the work that I had done at Tulane, with the platform I had already built. Charge the university a subscription fee based off of member usage to host the platform at the university. Would give the school a competitive advantage in serving the needs of its student entrepreneurs. Since costs would be on a sliding scale, they would be charged proportionate to the value created. Made sense.

Since I have been so focused on FailUpWatson and doing interviews for the past 3 weeks, it was both refreshing and confusing to revisit the platform that had already been built. Something to consider, but not get too distracted by if I things are naturally heading in a different direction. Who knows. Many more conversations to have and much more exploration to take place.

In the evening, I spent some time hanging out with Romain, who worked on the Watson team for the past two years and studied at Watson for Watson’s first-ever semester. I learned more about his interest in VR and his current game-plan to get more engaged in the industry. Romain let me try on his oculus and see the effects of VR for myself.

….and it blew my mind! Like what?! This stuff is so futuristic. You can put on this piece of technology and literally experience a different reality. Be in a different place. See different things. Look left. Look right. Look up. Look down. VR, this is going to be huge. I can’t even imagine the impact it is going to have on this world. I’m going to do more research on this, my curiosity is thoroughly peaked.

But, that research will have to wait for another day. Health first. So sleep comes next. Thanks for reading. Checking out.