Day66-Canadian Thanksgiving

The Kind of Day to be Thankful For

October 9th, 2016

Started the day a bit slowly, as most Sundays tend to start for me. I love Sundays, they are great. For me, Sundays are about reflection and organization. A time to think about the past week and prepare for the week ahead. A time to both relax and get some stuff done, without the same time pressure of the week.

I wrote my weekly mashup, posted on Instagram, reflected on my goals, and edited some videos. I also spent some time browsing the web, doing research on various topics. I spent some time looking into the Happy Startup School, which seems like a really awesome organization. They share a lot of the values that I have with regards to entrepreneurship. They have some neat tools, such as “The Happy Startup Canvas” which incorporates components such as values, story, and purpose when mapping your startup. I also signed up for a free lesson from them about “success.”

In the lesson, I received a prompt: “write a cheery postcard from the future, from a magical place where your vision has come to life and everything feels good.” The purpose of the exercise is so that you can create a guiding light for yourself, something that will help your vision manifest itself over time. So, below you can find the letter that I wrote myself:

Hey Ethan,

How’s it going man? Dude. Look at us. It’s 2020 and we’re killing it. Today, we have touched the lives of over 1,000 entrepreneurs in Boulder, Baltimore, and New Orleans through our city-wide chapters. And in just three years (2023) we will have impacted 10,000 entrepreneurs in ten cities across the country. We have created a model that scales where entrepreneurs can come together in a physical location and invest in their mental fitness.

Because of the work that we started, entrepreneurs are succeeding more everyday. They feel better than they did prior to getting involved in this community that we built. They are taking more (safe) risks, bouncing back from adversity with greater capacity, and are achieving their self-defined personal and business success metrics. They feel like they finally have a safe space to talk about the highs and lows of their entrepreneurial journey with a family of entrepreneurs who they trust and care about.

All 1,000 of our members are truly committed to each other’s success, and none of them are ass holes. We have been celebrating failures & success as though they were the same. And as a result, we have created a culture of experimentation for the sake of entrepreneurial learning & skill-building. These engaged entrepreneurs have built life-long relationships through FailUp while growing holistically as human beings.

A slightly more experienced version of you — ethanfailsup

Yea, so that was a fun exercise. I just went with it. It was an interesting experiment for me. I learned some stuff about my ambitions as I wrote this out. Some of this I think is good, but of course, things are always changing. One day I might say that I want to build an empire that rules the world of entrepreneurship, another day I may say that I simply want to build a playground with made-up, entrepreneurial games in my backyard to make me happy. Things change and so do my levels of ambition and my degree of specificity depending on how I’m feeling in the moment. After a certain point, I find these kind of exercises as impossible, and maybe even self-defeating since things change so much and so fast. It is impossible to predict the future.

Speaking of the future, I also took some more personality/ character/ behavior tests. This first one is about fear, so below you can see what my greatest fear is

Also took an “entrepreneurial IQ” test by Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank. Below are the results:

And I took another test. This reminded me that I have an entrepreneurial personality, but I still am so far behind on my entrepreneurial skills. I lack “experience.” Wow, a 1.4 on Management?! That’s what I majored in… I call this test outdated!

And in the world of social media, I received a fun question from “Failure IS Power” on Twitter. Here’s the question & my response:

Anyway, I spent some time today online doing research on entrepreneurial intelligence, behaviors, and measuring those qualities. This afternoon, I also interviewed Marcus, another Watson scholar. It has been quite some time since I have done an interview, so it was pretty fun doing that again and learning more about Marcus’s background and perspective on life. He’s a really cool guy with an incredible heart, spreading love to those he touches.

For the evening, it was time to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving! Isaac, another Watson scholar is Canadian and this is one of his favorite holidays. So we planned to celebrate this holiday together. Everyone prepared food, and boy oh boy, that food was delicious! Really fun evening, some dancing was involved too.