Day87 — Meditation Mountain

A day for me to do me

October 30th, 2016

Sundays, my admittedly slow days. But again, I really love Sundays. A time for me to get myself together, decompress, and prep for the week. My morning was spent on preparing my weekly and monthly mashups.

Editing the videos, uploading them via slow internet, and prepping my newsletter, which will go out tomorrow morning. The number of subscribers that I have has increased from 8 → 14, wowzer, it has nearly doubled! #celebrate #smallwins. I’ll shoot for 30 by next Sunday.

This week, I’ll be introducing 2 new habits. First, write 3 things that I am grateful for each day. So you will see that as a new standard for each post from now on. Second, do one act of kindness each day. I’m excited to incorporate these new behaviors into my daily habits. We’ll see how this goes. Check out my weekly review to see how I did last week on my goals.

In the afternoon, I took some time to more fully enjoy the mountain that lives next to me. Initially I had the intention of hiking for 30 minutes but I just kept on going and ended up pretty high with a great view. There I did my daily meditation. It was incredible. Nobody around. A beautiful sky. A nice wind. Warm temperature. I felt at ease. I love this whole meditation thing. Like writing and jogging, it’s a really nice constant that grounds me.

Today I finished the audiobook: An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison. The audiobook was only about 3 hours long. I enjoyed listening, it provided a perspective on what it was like for the author to live fluctuating between manic & depressive states as someone who works professionally in the field medically & academically. Here’s a link to the book:

In the evening I spent time on the internet exploring different content related to entrepreneurship. Here are some of the videos that I found that interested me:

Yea, there’s so much great stuff out there to learn from. It’s quite overwhelming. But you learn day-by-day. You take things slowly. And over time, this will accumulate.

SOCIAL EXPERIMENT OF THE DAY — Purposefully leave your phone out in a public place for 5–10 minutes without anyone looking after it (AT YOUR OWN RISK!).

Today I decided to leave my iPhone on a table, unattended, while it was downloading the latest software update. I was fearful. Very uncomfortable. My iPhone may get stolen. Nothing is protecting it. Nobody looking after it. And to do this intentionally, I’m asking for my phone to get stolen. I imagined my dad getting really upset at me (he’s super careful about his things), telling me how idiotic I am for doing this experiment. Luckily, it wasn’t stolen. My phone and I can live another day together. Score!

3 Things I’m “Greatful” For

  • Breath
  • Headspace App
  • Iphone Camera

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