Monthly Review of October, 2016

Life is hard, let’s get through it together.

Welcome to the NO. 3 edition of

ETHANFAILSUP — Monthly Review

Week 8 Mashup Oct 3–9

FailUpWatson, Psychology, People, Management, Human Nature, Success, Negotiation, Personality, Social Psychology, AshokaU, Unreasonable Institute, Why, Mission, Meetings, Failure, Relationships, Mental Fitness, Problem, Lean Startup, Testing, Prototypes, Learning, Mentorship, Family Support, Why?, Hopes, Dreams, Success, Mission, Dancing, Impact Measurement, Psychology, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Self-Awareness, Personality, Entrepreneurial Skills, Execution, Self-Confidence, Interpersonal Sensitivity, Beliefs, Tulane Alum, TechStars, New Orleans, Boulder, Brad Feld, Pay it Forward, Startup Culture, Psychotherapy, Storytelling, Prejudice, Racism, Social Experiment, Risk, Fear, Girls, Love, Success, Failure, Definition, Perspective, Rejection, Rejection Therapy, Assumptions, Imagination

Week 9 Mashup Oct 10–15

Social Media, Happy Startup School, Vision, Fear, Self-Awareness, Personality Test, Future, Skills, Failure, Celebration, Friends, Fear, Life, Death, Rejection, FailUpWatson, Emotion, Nervous, Judgement, Protection, Ideation, Experiment, Leap of Faith, Despair, Hope, Mission, Meaning, Purpose, Social Entrepreneurship, Cooking, DreamLab, Courage, Fear, Workshop, Body, Mind, Therapy, Games, Improv, Acting, Play, Workshop, Self-Awareness, New Venture Challenge, Practice, Pitch, Fundraising, Strategic Plan, Financials, Survey, Research, CUBoulder, Fear, Public Speaking, Pitch, Colorado Entrepreneurs Mental Health Network, Problem, Solution, Institutions, Paying Customer, Business Model Interviews, Measuring Life, Happiness, ImpactHub, High School, Future, Watson, Application, Goals, Fear, Social Experiment, Motivation, TED Talk, Happiness, Workshop, Goals, Dancing

Week 10 Mashup Oct 16–23

Social Experiment, Blog, Mission, Fear, Goal-setting, Leap of Faith, NVC Challenge, FailUpWatson, SparkBoulder, Bernie Sanders, Voting, Universal Health Care, Therapy, Science, Math, Girls, Love, Language, Hope, Social Entrepreneurship, Self Doubt, Customer Validation, Hugs, CU-Boulder Entrepreneurship, Mental Wellness, Personal Brand, Self-Reflection, Skills, Strengths, FuckUp Nights, BeChange, CU-Boulder Entrepreneurship, Fundraising, Collaboration, Personality, Strengths, Pitching, Landing Page, Watson, FailUpWatson, Prototype, Newsletter, Speed Dating, Pitch, ImpactHUB, Pearl Street, Adventure, Nature, Exploration, Presence

Week 11 Mashup Oct 24–30

Habits, Newsletter, Email Marketing, Organization, Goals, Theory of Change, Prototype, Watson, Colorado, Mental Health, Logo, Cognitive Bias, Storytelling, Mindset, Summer Institute, Customer Discovery, Mentor Meeting, Meetings, Impact, Therapy, ImpactFounder, Mental Health, Body Keeps the Score, Changemaker Institute, Election 2016, Unreasonable Institute, Teju, Vision, People, Values, Resources, Mania, Bipolar, Meditation, Startup Boulder, Support, Questions, Business, Friendship