Weekly Review of Nov 7–13

Life is hard, let’s get through it together.

Welcome to the NO. 13 edition of

ETHANFAILSUP — Weekly Check-In


Day94 — Planning Thanksgiving Week (Holiday, Meditation, Chores)

Day95 — The Startup Grind (Life Purpose, Why?, Values, Dream, Success, Measurement, Mission Manifesto, StartupGrind, Prototyping, Pitching, Mentorship)

Day96 — “FU” America (Magic, Mentorship, Goals, Needs, Wants, Managing & Motivating, Presidential Election)

Day97 — WYDYDWYD (Reflection, Psychology, Journey, Politics, Collaboration, Meditation, Interviews, Questions, Problem, Data, Under30Changemakers, House of Genius)

Day98 — FailUp = Startup Health (Fundraising, Investors, GroupUp, Team-Building, Acts of Kindness)

Day99 — Startup Weekend Boulder (Vivacity, Impact Investing, Cordes Foundation, Startup Weekend, Pitching, Team Selection)

Day100 — Hugs Instead of Financials? (Ideation, Validation, Surveying, Business Model, Product, Fear Experiments, Hug Challenge)

GOAL REVIEW (Nov. 13th)

SYSTEMS FOR NEXT WEEK → Not adding new habit goals, need to address existing habit goals. Plus, will be traveling.

Mental Investment Suggestion:

  • Every day, be mindful of your breath

Lessons Learned:

  • Trust is earned, not given
  • Friendships are priceless
  • Scout Mindset > Soldier Mindset (Ted Talk)
  • Exploring & attempting to understand your purpose, habits, values, dreams, and definitions of success is of essence!
  • Sometimes there is no logical explanation, there just is
  • Talk to people who are in the field already experiencing and solving the problem & learn from experts
  • You need a strong vetting process when recruiting a team to surround yourself with the people you want to work with