Experience with Apple Pay

Apple announced this morning that Apple Pay is now live in Singapore. The catch though was it is only available for American Express card holder. Lucky for me that I have one sitting inside my wallet.

Adding the card into Apple Pay

Like any other Apple product, the on boarding journey is simple and straightforward. First open up the wallet app (yes, it is the app that always there that you can’t use but can’t delete either).


Tap on the Add Credit or Debit Card, whip out your Amex card and within minutes you’ll be good to go!

Follow the instruction

Using it in-store

Paying in-store is really easy. I’ve been using contactless payment (via PayWave with my UOB Visa card) for awhile and most places that I shop already support NFC payment. In fact I almost couldn’t remember when was the last time I had to dip my card into the machine and signed on the receipt.

Contactless payment terminal (the right most in blue) found in most retailers
Held up my phone against the payment terminal like how I would do it with a card on PayWave

The entire process was quick and I immediately get a notification from my American Express app that a purchase was made.

Enjoying the experience so far. Quite keen to see how quickly Singaporeans will Apple Pay. The perceived security of Apple Pay could be a huge challenge for mass adoption. I’m looking forward to be able to use my other credit cards with Apple Pay.

To remove a card

Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > (Credit card you want to remove)

Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on Remove Card