Living in America: Episode 2

It has been 1month, 26 days since I arrived in America, I think I am still in the accommodating stage. Everything here is not much new to me, but still great, as the first time I arrived in DC. In those 56 days, the Gelman Library is the most useful and frequent resource I used for almost everyday.

For one reason, I am a big fun of Starbucks, which means I can buy a bottle of coffee conveniently in the short time before entered the Gelman Library. Coffee can really help me to concentrate on studying and coding. For example, I always choose americano for coding and latte for reading and researching. By the way, almost 90 percent of my college graduation project was coded in the Starbucks.

For another reason, Quiet Study Rooms in the Gelman Library provide students quiet place and high speed network. Each time I need to think about the specific logic of different algorithms, I would love to sit there and begin to calculate and validate those mathematical expressions. In the meantime, I can also contact with my study group members and search material over that high speed network. Well, another point needed to be mentioned is that I am the kind of person who would not study in the apartment, so the Gelman Library is my best choice to go!

I admit that, as a graduate student, study and life are much harder and busier than undergraduate, but I do learn and acquire so many new things academically and culturally. I hope I can find my second favourite resource next month!

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