Precious Tips To Clean & Maintain Your Barbecue

Some Classic Methods of Dealing with the Grime

Who doesn’t love a great barbecue food? It’s delicious, healthy and easy to cook. One of the main problems of this method though, remains the maintenance of your favourite grill. In order to keep it in a tip-top condition as long as possible, you should clean it after every meal. The opposite way will create you a lot of worries whether or not your food will taste so great like it did before.

Your BBQ can serve you long years, if you cover the plate below the grill with tin foil. Make sure it doesn’t cover some necessary openings, which were initially made by the manufacturer. The tin foil shouldn’t touch the cable. It only serves you as to ease the cleaning of the plate.

In case you forgot or you never wanted to use tin foil, first off you need to remove the carbon grime and the food leftovers with an wooden spoon. Fill the plate below the grate with hot water and add a detergent. Professional cleaning companies around London for example always suggest using trusted, eco and appliance-friendly brands. Leave it aside for a few minutes to soak, rinse and dry.

Let’s say you don’t trust the store-bought detergents and the chemicals they contain appear too aggressive to you. Why not try the following easy and quick method to clean the barbecue, using just an onion head You can do this trick every time before you place the meal or the veggies on the grill. When the grill heats well, carefully run the onion head, cut in half, over the surface. You can repeat with both halves, in order to perfectly clean it. The spicy vegetable will not only remove the old build-up grime, but it will also give a better taste to the grilled food.

How to Avoid Future Problems

Use a metal wired sponge to clean the dirtiest spots with the most build-up carbon. You can use an eco-friendly trustworthy degreaser and hot water. After that rinse it with a solution of cold water and vinegar in a proportion of 2:1 and leave to dry.

If you want your grill to be always clean and serve you a long time, after you use it you should leave it aside to cool and immediately scrape the outer and inner surface of the BBQ.

Before every time you roast, it’s better to smear a thin layer of fat on top of the grate, so that the pieces of meat or fish don’t stick. If that happens continuously, the BBQ won’t be able to serve you well, because the food will stick every time.

For the purpose, you can use a tampon made of dense kitchen paper, dipped in oil. Fold the paper a few times, hold it with a clip and dip it in the fat.

After you wash the barbecue, dry it and put it aside in a dry place, because, if it stays wet for a long time, it will get rusty. It’s best to store the BBQ, wrapped in a dense paper or a towel, if it doesn’t have a special lid.

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