Ethan Wilkins
Jan 21, 2016 · 4 min read

The Oven of the Future

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Last Friday my friends from Chelsea and I decided to enjoy a calm movie night. We prepared the standard for us dinner — large salad, fruits and, of course, pizza. Not to brag, but my best friend is a pizza chef, so we had the great homemade meal prepared in a freshly cleaned oven. We chose to enjoy our favourite sci-fi movies from the near and the not so near past.

I am not quite sure how or when we started discussing the food on the screen. The thing is that at a certain point we had a vicious argument in which movie the food tastes better — Star Wars or Star Trek. I am sorry if this will arise the argument in your group too. Eventually, we reached to an agreement that there is no way of answering this question unless we personally try it. With this, the topic was closed or at least, I thought so.

With all the glamour of the introduced new technologies, I could not wonder if the creators also managed to invent new cleaning methods. My imagination run wild while the search of information continued. I imagined that in those futuristic cookers there is a button that you press and in a moment, everything is sparkling clean. Sorry to say this to all cooking enthusiasts out there, but there is no such thing. Even the future ovens are still maintained with the good old methods of scrubbing and washing. Yes, there are easy to clean surfaces and not so easily damaged, but still the cleaning technologies are not as advanced as in most housewives dreams. All this reminded me that at the end of the day I still have to clean up the mess from the movie evening. Thus came the moment when my research around Chelsea hood turned into looking for a professional oven cleaning service, but that is another story.

Saturday morning I woke up with the strong desire to discover the future of our kitchen appliance. Being a history enthusiast, I know a thing or two on the matter of architecture and house interior through the ages. I was astonished while researching the latest technologies. The great ideas spread across the full range from the new high-tech cookware to the latest fashion in food presentation and plating. Going through dozens of images of dishes from all over the world lead to their recipes. The recipes to cookbooks and they somehow brought me to all wonderful designs of kitchens. All discussed appliance varied in colours and materials, in size and in shape. Even so, the design was the second most important thing about them. Without a surprise aesthetics made way to the first place to practicality and once more I was not disappointed. I read of a brand new easy to use a stove that connects with your mobile device or watch. One of the most futuristic inventions I read about was the flexible cook-tops heated by magnetic coils. As I read, induction ovens are also a thing we will see often in the future. Well, as it turns out Nikola Tesla was right — keep to the magnets and your future will be bright.

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Just imagine the family kitchen of tomorrow for a second. See how the light falls on the flawless surfaces. All high-tech appliance are connected to your mobile device. You only need to choose a recipe and they will give you a list of the products you need and have. I will be so easy to plan ahead. The fridge will inform you on the due dates of the products and add your favourite dishes to your shopping list. On the counter, right next to the coffee maker is placed the Instant Dinner machine that will replace the microwaves. Just put a pill in a plate with a drop of water and in a minute you have a juicy steak with roasted vegetables. And now imagine the cooker. A completely automated appliance that could be commanded from your watch. The food is prepared with careful calculation of the temperature and adjustment of the casseroles’ high level so that the best flavour is preserved for your family’s delight. Everything in the kitchen of tomorrow has excellent taste and is easy to prepare.

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