Planning w. Pam

A new mentor/ coach who I’m excited to work with!

November 18th, 2016

Woke up cold (this whole snow, winter air thing is new). I had some intense nightmares. Last night, as I was transitioning between an awake and sleeping state, I entered a very peculiar, strange state of mind.

I felt as if a spirit had separated from my body. I was no longer alive but a part of an unseen energy. A woman’s voice overshadowed what I was experiencing. She told me this was my choice. The choice I had decided to live. As if it was a warning. Something I did, something I was choosing would lead me on a scary, unknown path. I heard the message and recoiled back to my body.

Stunned. Confused. I was more fully awake. Back in my body. I curled up in my covers. Not knowing what to think. I decided not to psychoanalyze what I experienced, so I could go asleep.

Morning was here. I survived the night. Heavy sleep. It was 8:00. Skipped my jog and started walking for my important morning meeting. It was a cold but enjoyable walk.

At 9:50 I arrived at the apartment complex where I would meet with Pam. To remind you, Pam was a coach and judge during Startup Weekend. She was really interested in what we were working on and supportive of our team. Last Sunday our team received honorable mention, second place in the impact category, which included coaching/ mentorship. This meeting was a follow-up. The first of hopefully many more coaching sessions to come.

Pam & I chatted more about our backgrounds. Sharing past experiences. Asking one another questions about our work. And building off of each other’s ideas as they related to mental wellness.

Pam expressed her interest in continuing with what started over the weekend. She has 20 years of experience in business, has studied the science of the brain, and is very much an advocate for mental health. And I expressed my interest in working with her. I am inexperienced & have not studied the brain, but very much align with her values & work. The ingredients are there for a healthy & exciting relationship between guru & grasshopper.

We discussed various ideas for how we could collaborate. One possibility, continue with the work from Startup Weekend. Regroup with the people you worked with. Gauge interest in continuing. And get down to business. Do the market research. Continue developing the game, the cards, see how people react. Iterate until you have a product that people love. Let the market tell you what to build. When that is fleshed out, build it. Pam would love to coach throughout this process.

Two, become an affiliate with her organization, Brain Wrinkle Studio, whose mission is to promote mental health wellness with technology that enables education, intervention, and prevention. As an affiliate, she could share resources & frameworks that are property of her company.

Three, work with her and her team as a creative. Not sure exactly what that would look like and what that would entail, but it would present another avenue to learn and grow. Here’s her website by the way:

Sweet. Super exciting to have her support & interest in me and FailUp. She likes the direction this is headed and wants to be as supportive as possible. It’s up to me to decide what would work best given my values, where I’m at, and what I’m looking for. She has confidence that I’ll figure out what works best, giving me complete flexibility to move things forward in the way I want them to. In our experiences, these types of things tend to happen in the way they should. Extremely grateful for this conversation.

Went to enterprise to pick up our rental car. Assigned a brand new 2017 Hyundai Sonata. This would be our home for the coming week. Got into the car and drove back to the park. It drove well. I loved the handle. When I got back I changed into running gear and did my jog, since I skipped it this morning. Pretty cold, but I warmed up. The only I need moving forward are gloves. Took a shower.

Bought a few audiobooks to listen to during the drive. Cooked dinner, invited a few Watson scholars to share the meal (pulled pork). Went to the grocery store to get some snacks for the drive. And that’s pretty much the day.

Tomorrow Zake & my Thanksgiving adventure begins. Kinda looking forward to it. Kinda not. May prefer a warm cozy bed with nothing to worry about. But if nothing else, should make for some good memories.

3 Things I’m Grateful for today

  • Pam & our conversations, for doing incredible work in mental wellness and for believing in me & FailUp and
  • Enterprise for providing great customer service & being reliable
  • Columbine (the apartment I am living in) for housing us Watson students

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