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A Group of Impressive Entrepreneurs from Latin America

October 21st, 2016

My morning started with a 1-on-1 session with Eric, the founder of Watson. With Eric, I spoke a lot about the FailUpWatson prototype that I’ve been working on. I showed him the Mightybell platform, along with the engagement/ posts coming from the other Watson Scholars. Eric was pretty interested in the prototype and thought that what I was working on was valuable.

Eric and I spoke about potential collaborations between FailUp and Watson, since I’m working to facilitate community & entrepreneurial training through FailUp. Basically he and the rest of the Watson team is willing, maybe even interested, in me testing things out at Watson. And if I could create something, a system or model, that really works and provides value, then they would consider paying.

The question is, what exactly would they be paying for and what value exactly does FailUp provide at a setting like Watson? And how is that demonstrated? 2 months later, and I still don’t have answers to these questions. I have a cool prototype with some level of validation, but I don’t think that is near enough to merit paying for.

Good conversation. Left me happy that Eric & Watson were supportive, but equally as confused/frustrated because I feel as if I may be missing out on a really unique opportunity due to a fundamental lack of understanding of what I’m doing. Yea, that’s how I feel.

The afternoon went really slowly. I started my day with a really ambitious to-do list. Lots of great stuff on that list. Lots of stuff for me to do. However, I was really stumped on just a few of my items. Organizing my desktop & coming up with a draft for my first newsletter post. That was pretty much all that I accomplished this afternoon.

I ended up spending some more time on my new landing page, redesigning it. I love that I now have a personal website for my personal brand. I also spent a lot of time navigating MailChimp. As I’m testing tools out online, I’m realizing how much I need to learn. There’s so many useful tools out there on the internet, but each tool takes time to learn. Like anything, there’s a learning curve.

Starting off with one subscriber! Myself

In the late afternoon there was an event organized by Watson at ImpactHub. There, we met with another entrepreneurship group called YLAI. There are 250 students participating in this program across the country and 14 of them were in Denver.

To start off the collaboration, we had a “speed dating” event between the Watson students and the YLAI fellows. We lined up in a row, were given a prompt as a question, and then rotated from person to person after 2 minutes. The questions were pulled from this popular blog: 37 questions to fall in love.

These were really great questions and it was really fun to listen to people’s responses. This made me think, yea, this is like entrepreneurship dating. Maybe this will one day influence an activity, or the design, of something FailUp-related. Since I’m placing a new emphasis on relationships.

After this, we had a pitch event at the Hub. 3 from Watson, 3 from YLAI. Listened to the pitch. Pretty impressive. Pretty interesting. I really enjoyed what people shared. Little networking before and after. Some food to fill the belly.

Overall, it was a good day. Just a little slow. I think I spent too much time in doors looking at my screen moving boxes left and right.

SOCIAL EXPERIMENT OF THE DAY — Hitchhiking downtown

On my walk from the park to ImpactHUB, I attempted to hitch a ride. Unfortunately, nobody picked me up. There’s probably many reasons for this. At first I felt silly, but after awhile I didn’t care. Holding my thumb out wasn’t hurting anybody. Maybe next time I can get a ride from someone to get from point A to point B.

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