Why aren’t we questioning the narrative that we are fighting brilliant white dudes and only other brilliant white dudes can save us? How have we allowed people who have the least to lose in this battle shake our resolve?
Fuck this White Dude Game Theory
Ijeoma Oluo

The thing that worries me is the Trump administration have started down a path which reduces a mainstream religion to not being one. This is a dangerous precedent, because part of the constitution of the USA and indeed, the United Nations Convention on Human rights is freedom of religion practise, expression and freedom from persecution.

By denigrating that religion to a practise that doesn’t qualify as a religion, which is the path of least resistance, it legitimises violent and inhumane practises which would otherwise be stopped under human rights legislation. That’s an easy one to start, because the USA hasn’t done religious persecution before. They’ve done slavery and racism.

However, here’s the thing. The first step is Muslims. The second will be races of people. Going past religion into colour, gender. Denigrating races of people to subhuman suddenly and yet another heinous level of persecution.

Repealing Obama’s background checks now allows those without mental stability, empowered by Trump’s action, to purchase a gun unfettered and the sites that empower the police to racially profile and even publish the addresses of suspects, will let those people get away with it. The population will become the army of death.

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