The Future of Freelancing on the Blockchain

I’ve been working as a freelancer since I was 16, My first job was as PHP Developer, and I earned 100$ for writing web crawling protection scripts with multiple security mechanisms. I was super excited! Since then I’ve been working online for over ten years. From a freelancer, it grew to a business managing a lot of people and doing tons of work. I know, and I have faced all the drawbacks of freelance work. I am 26 now, and I’ve dealt with freelancing on a daily basis for the last ten years.

There are a lot of problems in the current freelancer ecosystem. If you are doing freelancing as a primary business and you have an account with thousands of reviews, that’s the reputation you have earned through the years. All your business is coming from the reviews and authority you have. But you are still dependent on a third party website that limits your possibilities. I will cover few problems and solutions of how Blockchain technology give us the future.

Bitcoin is making a revolution in money, and Ethereum to how we interact online. We can solve problems in the freelancing now, like high fees, slow payments, fake ratings, reviews, finding work, disputes, account suspensions, identity theft and many other thanks to the smart technology.

1 Build unstoppable applications without the middleman or counterparty risk. Decentralization will help us to avoid the 20% percent taxes most website takes from freelancers and buyers. Also, we are not dependent on country regulations, because the system is not hosted in a single country, and can’t be stopped by the third party. We won’t be dependent on the CEO of the website. Instead, the power is in the hands of the people who use the system.

2 Payments are more comfortable than ever! We have Smart Money and Smart Contracts now thanks to Ethereum. No need to wait for your funds to be cleared for months to get them and pay fees to banks, currency exchanges, website commission, etc. It’s one easy, secure and instant payment method that works all over the world, without any boundaries.

3 Every website has its own Rules and Terms of Service. It’s not rare to have your account banned because you violated the TOS for requesting Skype, and messaged out of the platform. Also when there are resolutions, they are not always fair. Now we have the power to create Democratic Autonomous Organization using smart contracts. People can vote, and take decisions together.

4 Finding work and gaining reviews or ratings might be very hard for a beginner freelancer. Websites like Upwork or Fiverr, for example, don’t have a suitable search algorithm. We can now verify reviews and work, and provide real reputation. No more fake reviews. We can “tokenize” reputation and that it will cost tokens and money for hackers to abuse the system, making the attack very cost ineffective.

5 Identity theft can also be prevented using public key cryptography to identify yourself. I’ve seen people copying my accounts and reselling at other websites like it was me?! But they can’t deliver the same quality service, and it can harm your name and reputation. Verifying digital identity is essential in our era when everybody is on the internet. There have been already some excellent projects like the Civic ICO that got great support from the people.

The bright future!

The freelancing industry is growing exponentially over the years. We strive to solve all freelancing problems and deliver optimal platform in 1–2 years. Work for anyone from everywhere and being your own boss. No single 3rd party authority will be able to control or limit your income. Get your money whenever and wherever you want.

Do all things with LOVE. All our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them.

Stanislav Uzunchev @ Ethearnal

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