Credits: Ted Quinn

Why should we concentrate so much on being ourselves to the extent of losing our sense of right and wrong? Is it even okay to be yourself to that extent? Is it fine to kill because for some reason that is what makes you comfortable?

Why should a Ghanaian somewhere were a suit, an outfit totally out of it’s traditional context, to a formal event? Why is it not wrong to do that?

Why is it right for the court of law to take a life?

How do you know your belief is the complete truth? Can you ever know with utter certainty the credibility of your belief?

If God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient, why do we have to go through life to determine who deserves a hell or a heaven?

Why should some people be born into terrible circumstances? How is it fair? How does that make God a fair and Just God?

Why can’t we change the world? How is the issue of contributing your quota and hoping that someone somewhere will be passionate enough to contribute theirs enough for some people? Why does that make sense to them?

The Bible talks about the end time and predicts that things can only get worse. Is it reasonable to try to solve world problems when from the onset there is no hope? Why fight crime and pain then?

Why is there sin at all? why didn’t God get rid of Satan from the start?

Why is committing suicide a crime if burning my property isn't?

Why is pain painful and pleasure pleasurable? if society had considered the two vice versa, would things have been different?

Is it better to consider your needs first or that of others first, assuming this wasn’t an issue of greed but of basic need?

is it fine that colonizers owe their colonized territories nothing even after scavenging their resources and most often than not, leaving them at a disadvantage? Why are they not been prosecuted for this?