Iowa Hawk-eyes are killing this season more than any Iowa fan every truly thought they would. Like damn, we are 7–0 and still coming for more. No one can take us it seems. But the more cocky we get the more likely it is going to bit our asses harder than ever. But lets be honest do not you really think deep down we have earned it? If you say no you are a lame ass because you know we earned bragging and cocky rights. Plus it is said that Iowa Hawk-eyes shall be 11–0 on or by Thanksgiving. Our very last game two weeks ago? Beathard had a some kind of leg and groin problem, still threw better than ever. Our run game was doing its job. I ca not really complain especially with this right here, from all of our 7 games my Iowa Hawk-eyes have played there offensive line men so those 4–6 guys lined up{depending on what play you are doing}has it changed FOUR different times? Like dammn, if we can change our line FOUR different times and have it completely different each time, then we are truly one dope ass team. That means very weell for us. Lets hope thou that my Iowa Hawk-eyes can keep this going and not fall thru and crack from the bragging and cockyness they have earned this season. Lets keep what we have going and not give up nor stop.

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