Ether-1 Ambassador Program

The Ether-1 ambassador program is designed to allow regular and knowledgeable members of the community to promote ethoFS while being rewarded for their work. This article will go into details on how to become an Ether-1 ambassador, and what role these community members will play in promoting the project.

What do I do as an Ambassador?

As the name suggests, you are responsible for promoting ethoFS to new users and to explain its features as a hosting solution, in order to encourage new users to try out the platform.

We want ambassadors to be enthusiastic community members who represent the project in a positive light, so it's important our ambassadors are not pushy or promote ethoFS in inappropriate circumstances, as such the team has created a selection process for becoming an ambassador.

How do I become an Ambassador?

Ether-1 ambassadors are responsible for promoting Ether-1 and ethoFS, as such, we need to ensure that these individuals meet criteria to ensure high standards are maintained within the program.

Because of this, everyone who wishes to join the program must apply through the google form. After you’ve completed the form, the team will review your application and be in touch, to let you know if you’ve been successful in becoming an ambassador.

How am I rewarded as an Ambassador?

In order to incentivise the community to promote ethoFS, we’ve decided to reward ambassadors 250 ETHO per referral. A referral is when an ambassador brings a new person to ethoFS and they meet the following criteria:

  • The user they referred must host a full website on ethoFS and be active on the platform.
  • The referred user must join the Ether-1 discord and inform a community member of who referred them to ethoFS.
  • Every 30 days the team assess which ambassadors have referred who, and rewards are sent to the relevant people.
  • The ambassador with the most referrals will be able to join the Ether-1 Marketing team and will have the opportunity to work closely with the other team members to shape the direction of our marketing efforts.

Useful Links:

Ambassador Google form:

Ether-1 Discord:

Ether-1 Twitter: