Ether-1 Rebranding Kickoff


The Ether-1 project has formally begun the process of rebranding, based on the overwhelming preference that the community has expressed over the future image of the project. During informal discussions in the discord server, the team has decided that the time is right to initiate the formal voting process and to meet our commitments to the community by acting promptly upon a popular grassroots initiative.

Voting Process:

As the future name and ticker of the project are paramount, the team wishes to fully involve the community in the process of developing and deciding on ideas. To achieve this, we’ve created two rounds of voting:

Round 1 (18th Feb- 25th Feb): Name submissions and indicative interest.

Round 2 (4th March- 11th March): Voting on a condensed list of names.

You can vote in both rounds through our discord server, under the ‘rebranding submissions’ category. In order to submit a name/ticker for consideration, you can fill out the following form to have it added to the list.

What's Next?

Following completion of the two rounds of voting, we will have a new name/ticker combination for the project! We will, therefore, need to create a new logo and modify many of the fundamental parts of the current ecosystem to fit with our new brand. This includes updating wallets, exchanges, mining pools, and the main website.

As a name is being decided, the team is developing a detailed roadmap of the rebranding process and will release it to the community, including an approximate timeframe for the above conglomeration, during the official announcement of the new name and ticker.