Etherdot Launch to Tame Defi Jungle with Ethereum Rewards

Press Release

September 8, 2021 — The launching of EtherDot is bringing new action in the blockchain scene taming the DeFi jungle with its Ethereum Rewards.

EtherDOT Crypto launching in September 2021

EtherDOT is the biggest launch for the month of September. Its creators have implemented complex tokenomics that offer rewards to holders with huge premiums without having to sell. This will greatly help Dote’s development and long-term Strength and Agility as she takes on DeFi. Dote is EtherDot’s strong agile big cat who maybe small right now who is expected to grow bigger and bigger when let loose in the DeFi market.

Etherdot is a small cap defi crypto token with evolved tokenomics that reward holders with 6% redistribution in Ethereum and Polkadot crypto currency.

Etherdot is the evolved hybrid crypto with true value,” says EtherDOT COO, Andrew.

Etherdot is what DeFi was created for,” he added.

The company plans to search high and low to just find an artistic lead whom is already established in the community to be a part of EtherDOT family. Individuals involved in art and with a passion for wildlife is invited to join the new deflationary crypto that offers a fantastic way for everyone to participate in bringing attention to art and wildlife.

More than just a new deflationary crypto with amazing value, our goal is to raise awareness to all things amazing in the wild through NFT’s and our amazing Dote,” EtherDot COO said.

EtherDot’s short term goal after stabilizing the launch of Dote is to acquire artist who have a passion for capturing the imagery of the wild involved in the company’s unique NFT Launchpad launch on the second quarter of 2022.

Just by joining EtherDot’s Fair Launch Airdrop, joiners will have a chance at winning 125,000,000 million EtherDOT tokens. Tokens are given for joining and referring although there many ways to earn free EtherDOT tokens which will also be announced later on.

This will add true value to EtherDot’s token with 6% rewards to holders in Ethereum and Polkadot and 6% added back to the locked liquidity pool to maintain a strong pricing floor.

$EthDOT rewards 6% in Ethereum and PolkaDOT up to hourly based on trading volume,” EtherDOT COO explains.

There will also be a 2% maximum wallet size which will help avoid large holders having excessive impact and up to 4% marketing wallet to support marketing of the project’s short and long term goals. A 1% development wallet will be allocated for the ongoing development of various technical aspects of EtherDOT and 0.1% limit on a single transaction as its anti pump and dump measure. Only 2 wallets will be limited at launch and the liquidity pool at Pancakeswap.

The company assures no gimmicks of private sales, presales, whitelists all gimmicks of pump and dumps. This is to make sure the company will have a 100% fair launch and locked liquidity prior to launch and contract verified and available for holders prior to launch.


We are a group of crypto and art enthusiasts whom developed $ EthDOT Cryptocurrency as a community project bringing cryptocurrency, NFT’s and artists with a passion for wildlife together. $EthDOT creates a longterm winning combination for all. Artists preserve their “original works” with our Dote approved NFT Artist loft coming in Q1 2022.









Etherdot is a hyper-deflationary token, that has evolved features and a unique use case. Etherdot $ETHDOT rewards token holders with Eth and Dot payments

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EtherDot Crypto

EtherDot Crypto

Etherdot is a hyper-deflationary token, that has evolved features and a unique use case. Etherdot $ETHDOT rewards token holders with Eth and Dot payments

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