The Future of eSports Gaming Online

Introduction to eSports

Skill-based competitive gaming, also known as eSports, is one of the fastest growing sectors of the video-games industry. Amateur and professional gamers compete predominantly online across numerous websites that provide tournaments for a range of popular competitive titles. Examples of such games include DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2), League of Legends, CS-GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), and PUBG (PlayerUnknowns: Battlegrounds).

As the global market for eSports has grown, the market for eSports wagering has exploded. The top eSports players are earning upwards of $1m, and estimated global revenue for the eSports market is projected to hit $696m by the end of 2017. The professional eSports industry is almost completely consumed via internet streaming with companies such as the Amazon-owned Twitch providing millions of spectators with 24/7 coverage and the ability to engage with other users in real-time. It is this streaming element which has allowed eSports as an industry to flourish and gain significant traction.

eSports Audience Explosion

More people are already watching eSports than are watching the NBA Finals and the MLB World Series. The League of Legends Season 3 World Championship, which was staged in the sold-out Staples Center in Los Angeles last October, had 32 million viewers worldwide. Compare that to the 24.4 million viewers who watched 2017’s NBA finals, or the 40 million who watched the 2017 MLB World Series. ESports viewership has almost doubled over the last few years, and the audience size is projected to continue to grow, and unlike most national sports, has the advantage of appealing to a worldwide audience.

EtherSportz eSports Platform Overview

EtherSportz is being developed as an Ethereum-based eSports tournament platform for popular games like CS-GO, League of Legends, DOTA 2, and PUBG. Competitors can participate in prize pool tournaments by registering for EtherSportz hosted events and paying a Cash, Bitcoin or Ether entry fee. The top tournament winners will receive 90% of the prize pool generated by the entry fees. The remaining 10% of the entry fees will go to support the EtherSportz platform and pay contributors quarterly rewards.

EtherSportz Platform UI Prototype Design

What makes EtherSportz different?

What separates EtherSportz from the competition? Our competitors require users to buy and wager tokens they created and control but why do we need yet another token when you could win something that already has established value like Cash, Bitcoin, Ether? EtherSportz will allow users to win real Cash, Bitcoin and Ether by entering our prize pool eSports tournaments.

EtherSportz Platform UI Prototype Design

EtherSportz Platform UI Prototype Design

ESZCoin is funding the platform development

ESZCoin is being used to fund the development of the EtherSportz platform via crowdsale. ESZCoin is designed as a decentralized ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. ESZCoin holders will collect 50% of the profits generated from the EtherSportz platform quarterly four times per year as a reward. Non Ether fees such as Cash and Bitcoin will be converted to Ether and held in a secure Ethereum reward pool smart contract that will be publicly accessible and transparent to the network.

ESZCoin will only be minted once and available during our crowdfunding token sale distribution phases. Only 10 million ESZCoins will ever be minted. There will never be another minting, and any unsold ESZCoin tokens allotted for the crowdfund will be destroyed after the initial sale. Check our website for details on the crowdfunding date and requirements to participate.

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Please note the EtherSportz ESZCoin token sale is closed to and not intended for U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States, or a person with a primary residence or domicile in the United States, including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and any other territories of the United States.

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