EasyETZ Tutorial

Aug 6, 2018 · 5 min read

1. Wallet Overview

A new EtherZero wallet application called EasyETZ can be downloaded from http://easyetz.io/.

A typical EasyETZ wallet screen is displayed as shown in Diagram 1. The brief details are:

(a).“Total Assets” on the upper right hand corner of the display shows the total value of all cryptocurrency assets set in fiat currency.

(b).“Enable Fingerprint Authentication”is to activate the fingerprint authentication to unlock EasyETZ wallet.

The wallet can display Bitcoin, EtherZero, and all tokens issued using EtherZero, such as BlockOptions, FansToken etc.

Diagram 1

2. How to create a wallet?
2.1. Open the EasyETZ application.
The first page displayed is shown on Diagram 2. Click“Create New Wallet”.

Diagram 2

2.2 Setup a 6-digit PIN code twice for your EasyETZ wallet. See Diagram 3.

Diagram 3

The wallet has an authentication process for you to enter your 6-digit PIN to unlock and gain entry.

2.2 A “Paper Key” contains a unique set of 12 mneumonic phrase generated by EasyETZ wallet app. On Diagram 4, click the “Write Down Paper Key” button.

Diagram 4

Please note that you may have to unlock your wallet with your 6-digit PIN when your device timed out.

2.2 Copy this paper key with the numbered order on screen onto a piece of paper. Keep it in a safe place and do not show it to anyone.

Caution: EasyETZ wallet uses only paper keys for wallet security. There is no private key or keystore used. Therefore, the paper key is the only way to recover your cryptocurrency assets. Keep it in a safe place and do not loose it!

After all the above steps have completed successfully, EasyETZ wallet is ready for use.

3. How to transfer & receive tokens?

Diagram 5

3.1 By referring to Diagram 5, to transfer your tokens, select the cryptocurrency that you want to transfer is on this homepage. For instance, to transfer ETZ, you can click on“EtherZero”. The transaction page is then displayed as shown on Diagram 6.

Diagram 6

Note:Power is a depletable resource that is automatically renewed. The “Max Power” and “Available Power” are calculated and set as default values by the system based on the total balance of ETZ supply. It is advisable to take the default values for transferring tokens by regular users. However, for more complex transactions like smart contract deployment or Masternodes, this can be adjusted by advanced users.

3.1 When you are ready to send, use the Paste or Scan button to input values of the target wallet address. Please enable camera permission to allow scanning function. Enter the amount to send and click the “Send” button to complete the transaction.

Diagram 7

3.3 Optionally before sending, you can click the “Advanced options” to set the“Gas Limit”and “Gas Price”. See Diagram 7. This step is not necessary when you are performing a normal token transfer.
3.4 If your transaction failed to complete for some reasons and by increasing to a higher“Gas Price”it will allow you to resend the original transaction. See Diagram 8.

Diagram 8

3.5 On the transaction page where you see your balance, you can hit the Receive button to copy your wallet address or share the QR code to accept the cryptocurrency. See Diagram 9.

Diagram 9

4. How to switch wallets on a device?
EasyETZ wallet will allow only one wallet to be used on a device at any one time. To switch your wallet on a device, you must log out from the current wallet first.

4.1 When you want to switch wallets, click on “Settings” on the homepage, and then click on “Unlink from the device” as shown in Diagram 10.

Diagram 10

4.2 Enter your 12 mneumonic phrase (Paper Key) to recover your original wallet on the device and click“Next”. See Diagram 11.

Diagram 11
Diagram 12

4.3 Click “Wipe” to delete and exit from the current wallet. See Diagram 12.

4.4 On exit, the EasyETZ wallet application will return back to the home page. To switch the wallets on the same device, click “Recover Wallet”.

Diagram 13

4.5 Enter the new wallet Paper key to be switched and click “Next” to complete restoring that wallet.

Diagram 14

4.6 Your switched wallet is now ready for use.

5. Manage Wallets
The currency on the home page can be optionally displayed or hidden. Refer to Diagram 15 and do the following:
a. Click “Settings” on the homepage and then click “Manage Wallets”.
b. Click “Show” or “Hide” buttons on the right to decide which currency to be displayed or hidden on the homepage.

Diagram 15
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