It is not every day you get the chance to witness the arrival of a cryptocurrency like Etherecash (ECH). Etherecash is a three-prong financial platform enabling peer-to-peer lending, global money transfer, and a crypto debit card, which allows its users to maximize the potential of their assets and leverage cryptocurrency to secure fiat loans. The platform uses lawyer-backed smart contracts and blockchain technology to offer full transparency and security for its users.

The Estonian-based start-up aims to build a decentralized financial ecosystem worldwide to diminish the distance between those with access to finance and those without. …

Etherecash, the innovative blockchain based financial solutions platform is one among a handful of projects in 2017 to implement cryptocurrency technology to solve the renowned “third-world” problems when it comes to banking and finance. The relevance of Etherecash’s model in today’s world is confirmed by the cryptocurrency community, which is quite evident from the performance of the platform’s recently concluded crowdsale.

The platform recently organized a token sale to offer its native Etherecash ERC20 tokens to interested participants. The token sale, far exceeded the promoters’ expectations, thanks to the convincing business model and its potential to solve real-world problems.


The world ushered in the new year last week. The beginning of 2018 also brings in a new era of technology adoption as the world looks towards the revolutionary cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology to make their lives easier.

Blockchain — the underlying ledger of cryptocurrency network designed to maintain a record of all the transactions has found a lot of other use cases in the recent years. The creation of smart contracts has further paved the way for increased automation, alongside security and transparency offered by blockchain technology. …

If you have been following the cryptocurrency market in the recent days, then you will know that Bitcoin and Altcoins have exhibited a phenomenal performance in terms of price as well as adoption during most part of the year 2017. While many are mesmerized by the many-fold growth in the prices, there is another allied sector which has escaped the eyes of the “uninitiated”. That is, the cryptocurrencies underlying blockchain technology, which is being increasingly adopted by businesses of various sizes across industry segments around the world.

The cryptocurrency blockchain, introduced as a ledger to record all the transactions has…

We at Etherecash have reached our first objective early, and the reaction from the community has been very positive and overwhelming. So, we would all like to take this chance to say a very big and …

Sincere Thank You to All of Our Supporters and Contributors!

The future of sending, lending and spending is upon us, and we are one very big step towards creating the kind of financial ecosystem that is a much-needed reality for billions around the globe.

Since launching the ICO, we have had …

Over 45,000 Registrations

… and more are coming in fast! Showing that the time is ripe for this idea to take hold and become…

Faster and competitively priced broadband services have fuelled the growth of online video streaming services, creating the “Over-The-Top” (OTT) market.

The top three paid OTT providers are Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. The peak time viewers tune in is prime time hours. Traditional TV viewing is dropping as consumers adapt to new ways of viewing television.

Globally, the OTT market worth is now estimated to be $35.22 Billion.

Blockchain Marks the Advancement of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) File Sharing

Peer-to-peer file sharing doomed the music industry in the early noughties with the development of the free MP3 file sharing app, Napster. In fact, the app was so devastating it was dubbed the…

A Newzoo research study indicates that revenue from eSports will grow to $700m in 2017. That’s a 41.3% increase from last year. By 2020, it is projected that the industry will reach $1.5 billion in revenue. It is little wonder major companies and celebrities are taking a keen interest in eSports.

Esports Presents an Untapped Market

Although we are only now having a conversation regarding blockchain technology and eSports, the idea is not new to gamers. Gamers and indeed the eSports community at large tend to quickly embrace new technologies.

Technology and the internet are moving at a fast pace. Knowing the latest and greatest in developing technology is essential in understanding the world we live in, especially when it comes to technology that could be the next internet, email or even smartphone.

So what exactly is coming, and why is it important to know about this disruptive technology?

The Emergence of Blockchain

The blockchain first existed as a public ledger to allow for the existence of cryptocurrency — namely, Bitcoin. Bitcoin is still available today, and its price and popularity have only increased, with top influencers endorsing it and even investing in it…

It began last year as 2 million fake Wells Fargo credit card accounts were uncovered — now estimated to be 3.5 million or more. Following news of the scandal came the firing of 5,300 employees, one of whom Wells Fargo has been ordered by the Department of Labor to rehire and pay remuneration of $575,000.

That’s only the opener into what’s facing Wells Fargo.

The Hammering Continues

What began as the forging of sales data has since spiraled out of control, damaged investor trust, consumer confidence, and the bank’s bottom line.

Since the credit card scandal, the bank’s mortgage division has had a…

Once only an eight-block street in Manhattan, Wall Street has since grown to be synonymous with the US financial markets and services as a whole. This is a gigantic establishment, unquestionably claiming its place as the home of the business and especially financial elite.

However, there are still underlying — and very serious — problems that plague Wall Street that could be solved with blockchain.

Is Wall Street Outdated?

In the digital age, it’s strange to think that Wall Street still uses some of the same policies that were created at its beginning. In particular, the policies that the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation…


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