We sometimes get the question where ECF is headed for the future and what we’re working on in regards to our role and mission in the community and the roadmap going forward. Some also wonder if our grants program of yesterday is still functioning. So here are some clarifications and answers to some of the questions.

First of all, our web is up-to-date, and will stay up-to-date, regarding current affairs within the ECF community. …

ECF is pleased to announce that Laszlo Dobos will be joining ECF and in the newly created position of Brand Lead. Laszlo brings over ten years of experience as a tech journalist and content marketing specialist at IDG Sweden (International Data Group), as well as a background in tech. Laszlo’s previous work experience and devoted interest and passion for crypto is the perfect match for the position as Brand Lead and will contribute greatly to the community.

– I’m absolutely thrilled to join the ECF and do my very best to contribute to community and the development, success and future…

#takebacktheweb with ECF

Our Cause & Mission


Within the blockchain community, a great deal of us share this collective mission. Breaking away from the status quo of various industries and many aspects of society to pursue a new web where users have ownership of their data, identity, and money. Time is of the essence and for most, these things are desperately needed. So then, how do we pull an entire community to coordinate together so that we may increase the rate of adoption for the technologies built and services produced, while also creating more opportunities for actual innovation?

The question for us is, how can we assist…


Taking it all back:

The web was meant to be an open, boundary-less and democratic digital world. Born nearly 30 years ago, it enabled the early adopters among of which included other optimistic groups the ability to revel in their fascinations in the invisible layers of data being shared from others across the nation and over time, a world away. This inevitably unleashed unimagined creativity on the early internet where those who could, built their ideas from pure curiosity and expression of their creations. Through the mid and late 2000s, the internet became the main extension of information, connection and virtual expression. However, many…

Ever since the launch of the ECF 2.0, we have been exploring — together with our members, advisors, volunteer experts, applicants, and the larger decentralisation communities — what concerns and priorities ECF should be addressing, to lead necessary progress for our technology and help change the world and lives of the people.

To continue to be an organisation that responds swiftly to the shifting demands of our community and our industry’s ever-changing landscape is a challenge we are determined and prepared to take. …

In just a matter of days (April 12th to 15th), Executive Director of ECF, QJ will visit Groningen in The Netherlands for the Odyssey hackathon, joining as a Super Accelerator. Odyssey is an ambitious hybrid between an incubator and a hackathon that promises to make waves in the ecosystem. Continue reading to learn more about our role there, and what some of the voyagers from the Ethereum community will be up to in this new quest.

For some context, the Odyssey hackathon is the biggest Blockchain+AI hackathon in the world. A whopping total of a hundred teams have been invited…

The Magicians Council at the Conservatory

In July last year, ECF attended the Council of Berlin. We were really impressed with the quality of discussions, the people involved, and with the total openness to discuss both pressing topics in the Ethereum ecosystem and evaluating what we, as a community, needed to work on, in order to scale and walk towards mass adoption. You can read our report here.

After that great event, we started talks with the group, in order to ensure the sustainability of these face to face events. ETHMagicians work is mostly online, within their forum, and is aimed towards generating EIPs and discussing…

Hi community, we are back.

For the past year, the Ethereum Community Fund conducted a trial run as a centralized grant distribution program. It supported non-profit infrastructure projects, educational programs, and even events. Initial funding was provided by the founding members, a group of projects wanting to provide benefit to the ecosystem more broadly than they were able to do on their own.

Despite the difficulty of coordinating across the groups’ wildly varying interests, ECF was warmly welcomed by the community. Through leaps both forward and backwards, we managed to learn a thing or two about what our optimal…

Words by Chris Robison (Hoard), Matt Condon (XLNT), Matt Stephenson (Planck) and MP Fernández (Golem)

Thanks to Adora Goh (Hoard)

“Rules of Basketball” - 1891, James Naismith (sort of a real-life NFT)

2018 has been quite a year in the world of Non-Fungible Tokens. The Ethereum Community Fund has seen many projects related to these particular tokens and their potential — and awarded grants to many of them! As the use-cases flourish, it has been extremely interesting to follow the creativity and ingenuity of the developer community in building use cases for NFTs / building applications for NFTs.

Some of the highest potential use cases of these non-fungible tokens rely on interoperability…

Thanks to Chibi Fighters, Panda Earth and Cryptobots for their art

At the ECF, we focus on educational events. We are not keen on ephemeral announcements that are easily forgotten. The best events are incredibly unique, maybe even non-fungible.

By definition, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is:

“a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique; non-fungible tokens are thus not interchangeable. This is in contrast to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and many networks or utility tokens that are fungible in nature.”

Our community is unique, non-interchangeable and we’d never trade it either, so we decided to build an event to reflect this!

During this event, we will announce some new grantees…

ECF - Ethereum Community Fund Network

ECF develops and maintains a non-profit, community driven, decentralised and neutral project discovery and -funding platform supporting the development of Web3.

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