How to be on time during crazy ICOs?

Today I would like to provide you with an edge over other investors into ICOs. The edge is simple, Parity.

Nowadays a lot of people are willing to invest in many projects but unable due to the huge demand from other, more experienced Ethereum users. But the answer is here, Parity. But remember not to turn off the Parity Ethereum wallet on your computer during the time of ICO, so that Parity will actually send something.

So, a lot of people who want to invest long-term are unable to do this because of the other, more experienced users.

The reason is simple, speculators who make a lot of money on the first day of trading where they make a big return on the initial investment.

Parity will help you out with its option to create a timer on transactions. This function will give you an edge over other investors in the project.

In order to make a successful transaction, you need to know contract address, precise date and time, or the block number (block number is the most preferable one). But do not turn off the parity during the ICO. Yes, your computer must be working, but you may take a nap.

You have to use the “advanced settings” when choosing to transfer your ethers.

Gas price is very important. During ICOs, there is a congestion in the network, so be ready to pay quite a lot for the transaction fee.

For example, the Bancor network will have its ICO at the end of MAY, if nothing changes. At the moment, there is no information about the dates or contract, so pay attention.

Another ICO, which will be extremely popular, is the Basic Attention Token. It will have its ICO on 31 MAY. No information yet on the contract address, but if you are interested, subscribe to their blog to know first their contract address and the exact block number which will start initial coin offering. Do not forget to set proper amount of gas, the amount you want to invest, and check twice the contract address BAT team provided. Again, do not turn off your Parity during ICO! Your computer has to be online during the sale.

Here is a little more concrete information on how to do it.

Install the official Parity Ethereum browser from

Create a new wallet or just use your own key file to use existing wallet. Back all your keys, so you will not lose them. Remember that if you lose your keys, you lose all your money, all your tokens. BACK KEYS UP!

Press “accounts” tab, where you should choose your wallet, from where you will send your funds and click “transfer”.

Check the “advanced settings options”. By doing that, you will be provided to create a timer on your transaction. Remember, that you should create your transfer timer only after you already know the contract address and the block number which will trigger the ICO crowdsale.

After choosing the address, gas price, and amount you want to sacrifice to the GOD of ICOs, press next.

Finally, choose the block number or the time and date. Please, don’t turn off Parity during ICO in order not to miss it.

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