Ethernal Alpha 1.0 Update

Alpha 1.0

On-chain gameplays that were tested

Teleport to a less discovered area.
Discover a new room here
This is a more advanced monster
Kill this monster and collect the loot
Collaborate in the same room


This was the map after just two days of play testing. Image by @Xenotopos.

Alpha fixes and updates

  • bug fixes
  • refactor map canvas and showing more on the map
  • leaderboard and display online character info
  • more info and instructions in the text
  • some minor UI updates
  • higher level monsters and weapons

Sending out more keys

Next up

  • Rare weapons/items, trading, and the dungeon economy
  • Multi-floor dungeon and big bosses (!)
  • Character death and restarting




A procedural dungeon on Ethereum.

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A procedural dungeon on Ethereum.

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