Frank Ocean Finally Released His Album and People Can’t Stop Being Homophobic Enough To Listen to It

Well done, everyone. You really outdid yourselves this time.

First things first, I’d like to thank Frank Ocean for finally ending the 416 days of July 2015 by releasing his sophomore album Blonde. It’s truly a work of art, and you’re the only person that I know of who can call Beyoncé up and ask her to record background vocals for a song. Despite, the overwhelmingly positive response to Frank’s return to music, there are some people that can find problems in anything. There are many homophobic tweets coming out in response to the new album, because of Frank Ocean’s open bisexuality. I don’t want to give those people more attention so I will simply paraphrase the general consensus among homophobic people: “Frank Ocean’s music is gay, listening to it is also gay, and I won’t listen because I don’t want to be gay.”

First of all, he’s not gay; he’s attracted to both men and women. Secondly, listening to music made by someone who likes the same sex won’t make you suddenly like the same sex. Lastly, there is nothing wrong, I REPEAT: NOTHING WRONG, with being gay.If you can’t listen to an album without thinking about another person’s romantic and sex life, that’s your problem. Nobody is going to force you to kiss a man if you listen to Frank Ocean’s music. Young Thug doesn’t believe in gender, yet you’re most likely bumping Slime Season 3 without becoming non-binary. If this type of thinking had any truth to it, then every girl that listens to Drake would be lesbian and every boy that listens to Rihanna would be gay. Stop projecting your own insecurities about your sexuality onto other people. You’re homophobic, we get it.

There was even a “#ImNotHomophobicBut” hashtag last night that called out the hypocrisy many people were guilty of when hating on Frank Ocean’s album. It went farther than that though, highlighting and dismantling many of the excuses people make for their homophobic beliefs and remarks. The overall purpose of the hashtag was to show how homophobia isn’t necessarily just the explicit hatred of gay people, rather it’s the implicit bias and dehumanization.

Ultimately, nobody has to change for you. Frank certainly isn’t going to stop singing about his real life just because you don’t feel comfortable hearing a man sing about another man. If you have a problem with him being gay, then that is no one’s issue but your own. Either get over it or stop listening to the amazing music he and other LGBTQ+ people continue to create.