Demi Lovato is back at it again with some criticisms of society and social media.

It’s always interesting when Demi Lovato is upset about something on Twitter, because the general consensus is that she’s got the right idea, but didn’t get much farther than that. This time isn’t any different.

I want to preface this by saying that Demi is on the receiving end of a lot of misogyny fueled hate, so I want to make this be a reflection rather than a slam piece. With that said: Demi Lovato is a hypocrite.

Time after time again she says something vague and inflammatory, with just the tiniest seed of good intentions. Her criticism of Barbie right as Zendaya was being honored with a doll echoes in my head. She said something along the lines of “if they can give Zendaya a doll, then why can’t they give plus sized women a doll?” Nothing inherently malicious about this, but most people can tell that it’s a little… iffy.

Same thing this time. Yes — we tend to care about celebrity news more than politics and world affairs. That’s nothing new, and certainly isn’t just a millennial thing. However, I agree with Demi that we often find escape in celebrities rather than focusing on the issues plaguing our societies and world. The problem is that Demi just fed into the idea that she was criticizing by using her celebrity to draw attention to herself rather than redirecting it onto an issue or cause.

There are many celebrities that draw attention to issues through their celebrity:

There are good ways to use celebrity to direct attention towards issues, and Demi did not take advantage of those.

I’d like to once again say that this is not an attack on Demi Lovato, I understand what she was trying to do and say, rather a criticism of what she and other people with platforms do instead of enacting real change. Celebrity can be a powerful tool to help uplift the people who don’t have the kind of power that you do, so it’s better to actually do that instead of making inflammatory statements about a vague idea.