So US Weekly published this:

Twitter was… not happy, to say the least.

Then someone came through to spill some scorching hot tea.

Essentially, Amber Heard doesn’t have the most attractive face, she just has the most Eurocentric face. It’s the same reason why, despite general ridicule of darkskin women, Lupito Nyong’o is lauded as beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, Lupita Nyong’o is damn beautiful, but her features are just European enough for people to see her as beautiful.

And Cartoon_Iran isn’t wrong, that’s exactly what Google shows.

White and ethnically ambiguous girls.

With these image results, it’s so suprise that Amber Heard is science’s “most beautiful face.” People love latinas, but not darkskin latinas. They love Asian women, but only East Asian. Love lightskin women, hate darkskin women.

Our perception of beauty is racist, your preferences are bullshit.