Scary right? The word genocide is pretty strong and has an actual definition.

Genocide — the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.

That’s what genocide actually is, here’s what “white genocide” is.

White Genocide — the anti-White “diversity” agenda which aims to make White people a minority in Western societies

So y’know. Not exactly the same thing. One might say that one is a legitimate occurrence and the other is made-up by fragile white supremacists. I don’t know who that one is, but I do know that it’s about to be me.

Genocide is a legitimate occurrence and the “white genocide” is made-up by fragile white supremacists.

Scary stuff!

I debate putting “#WhiteGenocide” in my Twitter bio almost every single day. On one hand it would be funny, because most PoC would look at that and laugh because of how ridiculous the concept is. But on the other hand if any employer or school admin. found my Twitter and saw that I could get in quite a bit of trouble. Regardless, I’m going to say right now that I am a proud supporter of white genocide. Let’s be very clear about this: I am a supporter of the headass concept of white genocide, not the actual genocide of white people. Though they do make it quite hard to not want the latter.

White genocide is essentially diversifying the West, specifically North America. Apparently people of color are trying to take over the white man’s land. I know I don’t need to point out the irony in that, but I am going to put the old school meme of the Native American man crying.

Perfect. Now back to white people being collectively insane.

Diversity is a good thing, if you’re not a hardcore racist. Nothing bad can come from embracing our differences and accepting each other. Unless you’re a racist/xenophobe/homophobe/transphobe/misogynist/every other horrible thing, I ran out of ideas.

So, yeah. I’m a supporter of white genocide. I’m a supporter of diversity and acceptance and having a few less white people around, if we’re being honest.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: white people were a mistake. On God, they were a damn mistake. Albino mutation that actually turned out to be useful because they had no Vitamin D. But at this point, there is no use for white skin. Quite honestly, you should all want to have more melanin, since it naturally protects against the UV rays that the sun gives off. People with melanin are less likely to get sunburn and show less signs of aging because the sun isn’t destroying our skin every time we walk outside.

White genocide is fun for the whole family to enjoy! So go get yourself a PoC and bless your offspring with better skin and (hopefully) a less racist and fucked up future.