Young, Gifted, and Black Spotlight:

Jamila Woods

via Jamila Woods Writes

Singer. Songwriter. Poet.
At the very least, Jamila Woods is an extremely talented young black woman on the rise.
At the very most she is a Goddess, blessing us with her voice and we need to deliver her a sacrifice.

In all seriousness, Jamila Woods is one of the most talented creatives out there right now. And it only makes sense, as she’s worked with Chance the Rapper and the rest of Chicago creative scene so much.

Although most people were introduced to her on the Chance the Rapper/The Social Experiment song, ‘Sunday Candy’, she had actually released two albums before then with her music partner Owen Hill. Together they formed the duo Milo & Otis (M&O), with Jamila going as Milo and Owen as Otis.

Most recently, she released her debut solo album, HEAVN. It was met with very positive reviews, with Pitchfork giving it an 8.4 and describing it as “a singular mix of clear-eyed optimism and Black girl magic”. That last part about “Black girl magic” is no joke. This album is an ode to black women and blackness, and it couldn’t be more welcome.

Two standout tracks are ‘VRY BLK’ and ‘Blk Girl Soldier’, in which Woods sings about blackness, racism, and community. The album is a nice refresher from other heavy political projects in recent years. Not only genre-wise; it’s a much needed break from the testosterone that commandeers these conversations. Black women have long been at the center of these movements, and Jamila reminds us of this by injecting new life into the musical side of it.

Jamila Woods is the definition of Young Gifted and Black. She represents a new generation of black creatives, hellbent on having their voices heard.