The other reason to be skeptical of online streaming services like Apple Music, Pandora, and…
Caleb Dolister

I am all for artists being paid fairly and a lot. But I mean, if you walk into a bar and hear your band’s songs being played, are you happy because that’s fucking awesome that this is even happening, or sad because your fees are not high enough? It’s a battle you can’t fight, man. ALL music is free on YouTube. All of it. Google is behind that. IT AIN’T GONNA CHANGE. And that’s even less controllable than Spotify. The fact people are getting some money off of Spotify is because of its convenience for users.

Unfortunately — and believe me it pains me to say this — the problem is that being a musician as a profession just doesn’t pay much. Just like it don’t pay much to work as a janitor. It’s the wrong business to be in if money is what you seek.

An established amazing musician I love and respect said that despite his band was relatively popular he was not gonna quit his day job ever. Cause he wants to keep his music pure, unaffected by money problems. And that’s it. You play to scream off the top of your lungs and break guitars, not for cash.

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