Internet & Haggis: A Love Story.

Sometimes I feel like the internet is just too damn big. There’s too much to do here. Too much to consume.

Fear of missing out is real. I’m addicted to scrolling. Scrolling until there’s nowhere left to scroll. Until I’ve consumed it all — or at least until Facebook decides to start showing the same stuff over again because you ignored it the first time round.

News Feed Scrolling Addiction aside, I’m morbidly intrigued with my own fauxsumption too (that’s fake consumption, ken?).

I save a shit load of links :)
Most I never touch again :(

I pop links in Pocket for later, I copy/paste *stuff* to Google Drive and save as many articles in Facey as I click — FOMO at its worst.

But then, amidst the endless cycle of consumption / fauxsumption, you stumble upon something equal parts awesome and ridiculous that kind of makes the rest of it worthwhile. Two of your favourite things collide…

Tonight I randomly found a website called The Noun Project where creative creators congregate to share their creativity and upload icons and symbols for the rest of use to use/consume/frantically try to find something there isn’t an icon for.

I spent 15 minutes searching and there were multiple results for EVERYTHING. Biscuit? Check. Tea Towel? Check. Monocle? Check.

Ok. What won’t they have an image of? Something random. Something ridiculous. Think. Think. Think —



Touché internet.
You win again. Sorry I ever doubted you ❤

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